Sunday , 18 March 2018
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It’s Here!! TANDA ME! This Revolutionary Hair Removal System and My Personal Review Begins…

I’m SO excited to try this fantastic new product by Tanda. The designers of this revolutionary system has taken what used to be outlandishly expensive laser treatments received only in spas and medical centers to the convenience and affordability of an at home system–with the SAME fantastic results.

Who invented it? It’s by the scientists at Syneron—the inventors of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and now the breakthrough of this elōs professional technology. With this technological innovation they have brought you the mē elos professional hair removal system which is the ONLY at-home device that currently combines IPL and Radio Frequency (energies that are clinically proven to deliver permanent hair reduction). These two complimentary energies deliver what is a safe, fast, and effective delivery of smooth, hair-free, and beautiful skin!

In my opinion Laser is the only way to go when it comes to hair removal. Shaving, Waxing, Depilatory creams (does anyone use that anymore?) they really get you no where and their results are Not exactly satisfactory, as for most people they can greatly irritate the skin in exchange for temporary hair removal. Laser on the other hand destroys the hair follicle without irritation while at the same time the IPL delivers enhanced skin renewal.

I’m a huge fan of Laser hair removal in general but not of the hefty price tag. So, when I heard of this incredible new system I was more than excited to welcome it to my beauty regime! Not to mention all the $$$ I’m going to save!

Is it too good to be true? What’s the science behind it?

  • – A pulse of elōs (RF + IPL) is emitted for a fraction of a second.
  • – The IPL energy is converted to thermal energy, heating up the hair shaft and the hair follicle
  • – The RF energy is attracted to the pre-heated follicle, heating it further and treating it, inhibiting hair re-growth
  • – The combination of 2 complimentary energies enables to deliver unprecedented safety, versatility and effectiveness for the widest range of hair and skin colours.

What is does permanent hair reduction mean anyway?

Well when a follicle is thermally damaged as in this case… it is not able to grow a terminal hair EVER again. The only thing is we have MILLIONS of hair follicles that have the potential to grow hair on the body (this is why I found out early that electrolysis was not a good idea–yikes!) but not all of them are in the same growth phases. This is why laser requires multiple treatments to allow the system to catch each follicle in its growth phase. There are also inactive or dormant hair follicles that can appear later in life which is why maintenance of laser hair removal is key.

What’s cool about this device it that it comes with either a shaver or epilator attachment that allows you to eliminate hair both immediately and permanently throughout the treatment. Unlike traditional laser sessions where you have to wait for the hair to fall out of the destroyed follicle where it could take up to a few weeks, this is instant!

This technology has been tested for safety and efficacy showing 10 years of proven clinical results. AND with more than 3 million professional elōs hair-removal treatments performed annually it has a ton of evidence to back it up!

I will also be giving this device a try for the next 6 weeks to give you my personal take on its effectiveness. 🙂 I will be comparing to expensive IPL laser treatments I’ve received in various spas to give you my thorough review and opinion!

If you’d like to give this product a try in the mean time they are offering a 60-day money back guarantee! Click here to try Tanda.

Psssst… as of now this product is ONLY AVAILABLE IN CANADA!

So, Who’s going to try it with me?

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