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It’s the Year of the DRAGON—have you seen what it’s inspired?

First of all….HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! This January 23, 2012 marks the Year of the Dragon. It’s said to be a token of good luck, beauty, spirituality, and prosperity. Not only that–it is said that everything connected with this symbol is considered BLESSED. Now why don’t we all just adorn ourselves with this mythical creature?! WELL.. in anticipation of this upcoming year John Hardy Head Designer and Creative Director, Guy Bedarida, created an exclusive jewellery collection embracing everything that this hot new symbol embodies.



Naga Collection Extra-Wide Cuff $2121 CAN

Small Dragon Earrings $314 CAN

Dragon Head Ring $845 CAN


Naga Collection Wide Cuff $2440 CAN

Small Round Drop Earrings $632 CAN

So… what does the term “Naga” signify? Well its used to describe a semi-divine Being….half human, half serpent–that is said to live beneath the earth in a spectacular gem filled garden (Wow!). In Balinese legends, the dragon is known as the lover of the pearl and must dive from his volcano to reach his home at sea and visit his love. Each morning that he returns, he brings with him a path of water through the rice fields and therefore bringing prosperity to the farmers through bountiful harvests.

Just like this beautiful mythical story, the Naga Collection’s pieces are rich with detail and sparkling gemstones, reflecting the origins of the inspiration of the Naga dragon.

Words from Guy Bedarida himself….

“The old Balinese legend of the Mythical Dragon, The Naga, inspired me for this collection. I like to think that the wearers of the Naga collecCon will enjoy love, prosperity and luck.”

Well I’d like to grab one of these hot new items for good luck!  What do you guys think of the Naga Collection?

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