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Joico’s International Artistic Director Shares Hair Secrets at Trump Toronto

Joico Trump Toronto Event

Bottom right Photo from left to right: Damien Carney, myself, Roula Panagiotopoulos (, Laura Burling (from Langton PR) and Karen Kwan (from

On Friday, January 25th I attended a cocktail reception at the Trump Hotel in Toronto with Joico’s International and Artistic Director Damien Carney and Langton PR. It was quite the beautiful setting as we gazed at the snowfall through big windows overlooking Toronto, sipped on fine wine, savored fresh hors d’hoeuvres, and listened intently on the future of hair science. I had no idea what kind of scientific innovations were underway, promising to literally transform hair care forever. The more I review hair care and beauty products, the more I appreciate the science that goes behind it. Much of the breakthroughs stem from the famous Human Genome Project which was completed in 2003 (after 13 grueling years)–where scientists actually mapped out the ENTIRE GENE SEQUENCES (approximately 25,000) that exist within the human body.

This is pretty major stuff. Why? Because if you can map out DNA….you can repair it. Meaning substantial advancements for medicine, evolution, and what we love to talk about endlessly…HAIR and SKIN. So, JOICO being at the forefront of modern science has incorporated DNA repair technology into ALL of their new products in the form of the Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex. I mean, if you ever needed a reason to trade in your old products for new–this is it! It’s not all just marketing as many may believe, but these are cutting edge solutions that have the ability to actually transform hair care.

Joico’s International Artistic Director, Damien Carney, explained to us in detail just how much benefit this new science provides for hair and how to utilize that for ANY style you are looking to achieve. He also reveals just how monumental these products are for advanced hair health. In fact, this Bio-ADvanced Peptide Complex has the power to create a molecular shield of protection around the hair structure lasting up to 25 Shampoos!!! So not only does this science offer immediate benefit, but its effects are carried–this gives insight into how high the magnitude of benefit actually is.

If that isn’t amazing enough, JOICO has also introduced its Aqualastik technology which has been incorporated into 3 of its brand new stylers: the Power Spray (fast-dry finishing spray), Power Whip (whipped foam), and Power Gel (sculpting gel). What’s unique about the Aqualastik technology is that it forms a hold that is durable, humidity-proof, and it can be restyled for up to 3 days!!!! You can simply add some water and style as new OR layer on more product depending on the hold you desire. You can read more about these fascinating 3 new introductions on my recent review here.

Below are the fantastic new products that all contain this new DNA technology! I received them all as part of my Swag Bag 🙂

Joico Trump Toronto Event 7

Now when I spoke with Damien Carney after his speech (delightful man by the way!), I asked how I can get that voluminous Kardashian wave that I find so glamorous. 🙂 His expert advice made a lot of sense–first, make sure you use a volumizing foam (Joico has a great one in their Body Luxe line) while your hair is still wet and brush the product through (its much better to put it on while your hair is still wet because it will spread out easier and you won’t have chunks of product in any one section).

Next, section off your hair from top to bottom using clips to secure each section (make sure your hair is 80% dry at this point). Then, simply take a big rounded brush and wrap the top of sections of your hair from the root so that it doesn’t completely go around the brush but is enough so that it will take the shape of the brush and hold that volume. You would then blow-dry downwards and repeat, with each section of your hair. Now that your have the volume aspect covered, you can finish off the ends with the tool you prefer–for me I love using a straight iron to curl my hair outward. And voila! Big Kardash waves 😉

The next day I utilized followed this advice and used a few of my new styling products–the Super Shine Glossing Polish (to tame any fly-aways), the Humidity Block Finishing Spray (to hold my style in place and help block it form the wind!), and the Design Works Shaping Spray (for additional hold). I actually noticed a major difference with these products as my style held perfectly in place throughout the evening and it was bouncy. There was hold with ZERO hardness and the next day it was still very workable. That being said, it has taken a permanent place on my styling counter at home.

So I must say, thank you Joico for introducing this FAB new line! 😉

Joico Spring 2013 Collection


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