Thursday , 19 April 2018
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Just in time for TIFF this year… a Must-Have Fashion Secret + Giveaway!

The Toronto International Film Festival (I’m so excited!!) is just as much about Films as it is about fashion and exposure. What if you could wear whatever outfit you wanted and never had to worry about any slip-ups or the WRONG type of exposure?

We’ve all seen it happening to celebrities on LIVE TV:

Poor J-Lo 🙁

We all know that all the pins and stickers in the world just aren’t enough to prevent potential wardrobe malfunctions–and they don’t look good either!  So you can imagine my excitement when I heard of this new product that literally rolls on and secures your outfit in place for the entire evening.

So you can be daring and fashion forward like this:

Without ever having to worry about a slip or having to hold the clothing in place yourself. How exhausting would THAT be?!

This genius product is called Fashion-Aid and you just roll it on to your skin where you plan on securing your clothing or lingerie (don’t you always hate it when your bra strap falls?), let it dry for 10 seconds and then secure. It’s hypoallergenic and it will NOT stain your clothing. At the end of the evening it just simply washes off with water.

This is all music to my ears!! What a perfect solution. Its also so convenient and compact that you can just throw it in your purse in case you need to fix something you didn’t think of. And the best part is: it’s SO reasonably priced ($12.99 for a bottle that gives you at least 50 applications). If you have ever bought those fashion stickers from big lingerie companies you’ll know what I’m talking about–and on top of it those are only one time use.

I simply LOVE this product and it’s been a solution to so many potential wardrobe problems. I also have one FREE to Giveaway of course to one of you lucky readers! 🙂

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  1. I haven’t been to TIFF in years – but for me it has been the little unique foreign films that have been fun to watch!

  2. Like watching the film and sometimes getting the opportunity to meet the actors themselves.

  3. wow what a simple but great invention! would love to try this!

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