Monday , 23 April 2018
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Ladies, what cancer-causing product do you need to rid yourself from? And I’m hosting a giveaway for the solution!

This post is about feminine hygiene– something that must be dealt with and endured monthly by all us lucky women 🙂 The truth is not much attention has been paid to the products that we so consistently use on our most precious and sensitive parts. Just to give you some insight, according to ‘New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.’ the Global Market for Feminine Hygiene products is estimated to reach $15.2 BILLION U.S.D. by 2017. Umm, that’s a whole lot of tampons! The concern though is what is contained in a product that has such mass distribution and what that means for our health as well as the environment.

What’s unfortunate is that most big brands use Chlorine to bleach the raw materials contained in standard feminine hygiene products. The purpose of this is to disinfect and whiten the product for appearance. However, a result of using chlorine in the process is a residue called Dioxin that is left behind which can stay within the fluff fibers of of the material that make contact with your body. The effect is a prolonged exposure (4-7 days/month, for a large chunk of your lifetime) to this toxic carcinogen (or cancer-causing substance). Nothing pretty about that!

What’s more, many brands also use Synthetics, a man made chemically composed version of natural materials, like cotton. But why not just use cotton??!

“When synthetics come in contact with the body they can create unfavorable conditions leading to allergy, irritation, discomfort, and even that slight discomfort you may have experienced recently with your conventional products.”

If that isn’t enough your products may contain other Irritants, such as Fragrances, which are not natural and can also cause irritation and discomfort.The plastics, viscose, wood fluff pulp, perfume, super-absorbents and other petro-chemical fillers found in standard feminine hygiene products creates what’s called a heat-dampness micro-climate in the body, which is an ideal environment for encouraging the growth of bacteria, fungi and other irritation-causing subjects.

With all this in mind, especially if you have experienced any of these irritations (which happens when your body is trying to tell you something!) there’s no doubt you should seek a better, safer alternative.

WELL, with rising health and hygiene awareness among women everywhere it has sparked a need for a superior product (and thankfully for that!). An AMAZING brand called Maxim has developed exactly that. Their line of feminine hygiene products (and beauty products too!) have the following health and environmentally conscious benefits:

I gave all of their products a try and I’ll never go back to the regular brands. The more I think about it actually, I’m worried that I didn’t even find this sooner! Natural health prevention is the way of the future in my opinion and it would be silly not to make the right choices, especially since you have a choice!

SO Maxim and I have paired up to offer YOU the chance to try their line of fantastic products. The first 25 entries will receive a FREE MAXIM TRIAL PACK, and one lucky winner will have their choice of any 4 full-sized Maxim products they would like to try. Sweet deal, right? Enter Below 🙂


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  1. They’ve covered off my biggest concern in a pad: Leakage Control Channels: Help direct liquid to the center of the pad to protect against leaks.

  2. I would love to try these products!

  3. I learned that some of the pain I experience may be from the toxins in the products themselves!

  4. I learned that their tampons are certified by the Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute.

  5. I was just talking about finding an organic product the other day! Looking forward to checking out the quality.

  6. I learned that the cotton material you think is in feminine hygiene products, is not really cotton! And that artificial cotton contains a synthetic blend that is not good for your body or the environment!

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