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Learning to Shoot with GTA Photography Classes

Learning to Shoot with GTA Photography Classes–A Summer Must

Every summer I love to think of creative ways to spend the weekend. Whether it be discovering new places, taking on a new project, or developing a fun skill–for me, its a time to enjoy and also explore new depths. So when thinking about the things I’d like to potentially challenge myself with (and there were many), I thought how fantastic would it be to learn how to take professional photos? As I realized just how much I’ve exhausted my iPhone’s photographic abilities and how valuable it would be to have a collection of photos not just reserved for ‘Instagram’, I became increasingly excited about the idea. I thought this can be a skill that I will use for a lifetime and probably create some awesome portraits to proudly display (how rewarding would that be?). Not to mention I’d be creating professional photos for my blog as well 😉

With all these creative thoughts running through my head, I inquired about this AMAZING Introduction to Photography Class held by GTA Photography Classes, which basically turned my summer weekend idea into fruition.

Oh yes, and I immediately went camera shopping. The shopaholic in me just couldn’t wait.

Professional Camera Shopping

To get started, I was told I needed a DSLR camera (or any point and shoot) that will allow pictures to be taken in manual mode (don’t worry though–if not in your budget you can get a loaner camera for only $25). This is where much of the creative control behind photography happens–after you learn this skill I guarantee you will never touch automatic mode again. The helpful staff at Future Shop had me sold on the ‘Canon EOS Rebel T3i‘ shown below, which I am extremely happy with. The Nikon model also held my attention for awhile, so it just came down to the fact that I’m more of a Canon girl. Price point? $569.00 plus tax, plus a memory card and cute carrying case, which ran me another $150. It’s an investment I tell myself 🙂

Canon EOS Rebel T3i

GTA Photography Classes

All set with my brand new camera gear (which I had no clue yet how to use)–I was now prepped and ready for my summer weekend GTA Photography Class. I booked myself in for the Introduction to Photography Course {Photo 101}, which basically teaches you the ropes on how to shoot in manual mode and the basics of photo composition. It is a must for anyone looking to get the most out of their DSLR camera and not just reserved for those seeking a profession in photography. The course was 8 hours total and held as a Saturday and Sunday Weekend Bootcamp (although it can also be done over 4 weeks). It included 6 hours in-class instruction along with a 2-hour field trip, where we were able to test our newly acquired skills.

GTA Photography Classes

What Did We Learn?

Along with being introduced to the key principles of photography, during the Photo 101 GTA Photography Class we learned the various components of manual mode and how to utilize them creatively.

These include:

  • Aperture–this will allow you to control the depth of field and shoot flawless portraits or stunning landscapes
  • Shutter Speed–this will allow you to blur or freeze movement (for example, you can take a photo of a rain drop splattering and catch the movement as it happens or snap a clear action shot of an athlete in motion).
  • ISO–this controls how sensitive the lighting will be in the photo and can also cause granulation of a photo

Not only does each feature allow you to capture distinct imagery, they all can be altered together to produce differences in lighting. The creative possibilities are endless once you begin to master all 3!

In addition, we were also given an introduction to the rules of composition. Many times, the quality of image can be great but the photo itself can be hindered if attention is not paid how its been composed. For example, the less distraction in your images, the better. If you can’t remove objects from a scene there are several other creative ways like changing your angle or blurring the background that will improve your image turn-out.

Other techniques like ‘framing’ or using ‘leading lines’ can also work in your favor to create exceptional photographs. You can find artistic ways in finding a natural frame to box your subject and in the case of ‘leading lines’ you can find a natural path that leads to your intended focal point.

There were so many fundamental tips taught in this two-day course it is impossible to share them all! I can only recommend taking this Intro to Photography Course by GTA Photography Classes. I found it to be extremely useful and fun. There is so much more depth in photography that you get to explore once you learn how to shoot in manual mode. The cost of the class is $250, which I think is so reasonable for what you learn. They also offer package deals if you plan on taking your love for photography further and developing your professional technique.

Take a peek below at some of the photos taken during the field-trip portion of the GTA photography class 🙂

Depth of Field


Note the blurring of the background so that the focal point of the photo is the flower.

GTA Photography Classes--Depth of Field

GTA Photography Classes--Portrait


Here, a large depth of field was desired so that the entire church and beautiful clouds appear in focus.

GTA Photography Classes--Landscape

Shutter Speed

Freezing Effect

The goal here was to capture the droplets of water from the fountain. However, I didn’t get in close enough 🙂

GTA Photography Classes--Shutter Speed

Blurring Effect

Instead of capturing a clear action shot of cars moving, we decided to produce a blurred effect as a creative manipulation.

GTA Photography Classes--Blurring Effect

I love this photo below because there is an interesting contrast between the blurred Coca-Cola truck and the man walking behind it is completely in focus. This shows you the relativity of the two objects in motion.

GTA Photography Classes- Blurring Effect

All photo credits go to me 😉

For more information:

This was such a fun summer weekend idea to commit to and its a skill that will forever be put to great use. Stay tuned for more summer weekend ideas in Toronto!

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