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Wow… time flies!! Now that my journey with Pascoe BASENTABS has come to a close, I can truly reflect on what it actually means to neutralize my pH balance and create a healthy living system within myself. By being mindful of what I was putting into my body over the past few months, the lifestyle choices I’ve made on a daily basis, and what therapies I decided to integrate into my routine all have had an incredible impact on the way my body responded – either in health or sickness. Not only did I learn so much simply by paying attention to these choices, but I have also cultivated a deeper awareness, a “listening body” if you will. All too often I would carry through my day just ‘doing things’ that I thought were good for me without paying too much attention to whether or not its what my body needed at the time.

So, I’d say my number one lesson these past few months was simply to LISTEN! I found myself finally questioning… do I really need that 3rd organic cashew nut milk latte? Or is it going to make me jittery and off-center, despite all of its goodness? Then, hey why not a freshly prepared ginger-lime tea instead? My inner voice reminding me that lime is fantastic for neutralizing pH, which I may need after that morning coffee. It’s about cultivating balance, right? Many of these similar types of questions arose for me all helping me to navigate what my body truly needs as opposed to what I wanted. What’s amazing is that once I started paying attention, certain cravings diminished, I began to feel lighter and brighter since I’d been making healthier choices more suited to my body, and my pH became balanced!!!!

Sometimes it’s hard to contain my excitement :D. Another wonderful tool for me has been having Pascoe BASENTABS on hand to really help me receive the additional alkalinity when I indulged a bit too much (did I mention how AMAZING the raw desserts are here in Bali?….yikes!). Also, having the pH strips available to test myself regularly. At times I was surprised at the results and in turn it made me more sensitive to my choices. All in all this has been an cherished tool for me, especially being in another country for so long. So if I had to briefly sum up what it means for me to have a healthy pH balance, it would be this: eat plenty of organic, fresh, local fruits and vegetables; that being said, listen to your body and stop eating when full; drink plenty of pure water; exercise!; surround yourself with positive people (stress can have a major impact on the body!); enjoy nature wherever your are; and keep any additional tools you may need to help you reach your goals (i.e. BASENTABS!).

Thank you so much for reading along about my journey and I hope you will join me and the other Pascoe BASENTABS influencers for a fun twitter chat this Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 between 7pm-8pm.

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