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The Mysteries of Macchu Picchu

“The Lost City of the Incas”
Located on the Andean mountain ridge above the Urubamba Valley in Peru, this former city was an icon of the great Inca Empire that rose in the 13th century and built during its height in 1450. Situated 7970 ft above the water, their whole city was invisible to any onlookers from the river below. Devastatingly only 100 years later, its inhabitants were crushed by the Spanish Conquest and an outbreak of smallpox, completely destroying the civilization of the Incas along with their ancient wisdom and practices. In 2007, Macchu Picchu was named one of the New 7 World Wonders, almost 100 years after its ruins were rediscovered in 1911 by a Yale archaeologist, Hiram Bingham.

Revered as one of the most beautiful and enigmatic sites in the world, this pre-columbian ground was a sacred place from an even former time and primarily used as an astrological observatory. Raising stone structures of gray granite from the mountains and utilizing their astonishing agricultural surroundings provided by their location at the edge of the Amazon Rainforest, Macchu Picchu was built and sustained by a measure of pure genius by the Inca population. However small (150 houses), the city was nothing less than extraordinary. Their architecture was exact and their accuracy left their structures impermeable.
The Intihuatana stones were sacred objects to the Inca and used as part of their constructions. An erection of the stone pillar, known as ‘hitching post of the sun’ (and made of the Intihuatana stone) was precisely placed in correspondence with the summer and winter equinoxes so as to absorb all of the sun’s energy at the height of the day. This served as an astronomical clock and/or calendar for the Incas. During the two equinoxes and other significant celestial periods, sacred ceremonies would be performed.  It is alleged that if a sensitive person touches their forehead to the stone pillar, their visions are opened up to the spirit world.

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