Thursday , 26 April 2018
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Manitobah Mukluks Streetstyle


It’s officially boot weather! And why not support these 100% Canadian-made, aboriginal designed and hand-crafted beauties? I’ve been looking to get my hands on a pair of Manitobah Mukluks for awhile now since they are one of the most cozy yet super fashionable items for the season. So when asked to style them in a recent shoot with with Refinery 29 photographer (Jenna Marie Wakani) and Lotus Leaf Communications, I was thrilled.

The shoot was held just outside Gravity Pope in Toronto (where you could purchase a pair) and a few other amazing bloggers partook in the fun as well. I chose to style my Manitobah Mukluks in two different ways–take a look below and let me know what you think! 🙂


Top: Robert Rodriguez
Pants: Kova & T
Boots: Manitobah Mukluks (Snowy Owl)


Top: Robert Rodriguez
Pants: Kova & T
Boots: Manitobah Mukluks (Snowy Owl)

vibram-sole-manitobah-mukluksAbout Manitobah Mukluks

  • Authenticity–Every Manitobah product comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that outlines the role of Aboriginal-owned companies within Canada’s economic landscape.
  • Vibram Soles–to withstand cold and high abrasion urban environments (perfect for Toronto!); the soles are also uniquely designed as a canvas displaying Aboriginal History:
1 The Sky represents life-giving water falling as rain and snow. 2 Trees to the right of the tipi represent the Woodland People. 3 To the left are the western mountains. 4 This is the doorway we walk through together as modern hunter-gatherers. 5 Fire tells us our People will always survive. Prairie plains behind are home to the Great Horse and Buffalo People. 6 The swirling Four Winds cleanse as the Sun circles our Mother Earth.
  • Partnered with the Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development (CAHRD)–an Aboriginal non-profit organization that touches on all aspects of Aboriginal community life and provide education bursaries to Aboriginal students.

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