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May 2011 E List–Hair Collection!

This must-have list is all about hair! Protect it, nourish it, and flaunt it–these are the tools that will deliver you to hair greatness all year round.

1. Shu Uemura Nourishing Protective Oil

This miracle hair treatment protects the hair fiber against dryness, frizz, and uv damage while also providing intense nutrition to the hair follicles. It is infused with Camellia oil which is high in vitamin C and antioxidants which adds to its rejuvenating quality. If that isn’t enough it smells absolutely amazing! Personally I love this product–my hair is colour treated and this nourishing oil seems to bring my hair back to life. After using it for one week my hair has retained much of its moisture and shine. It’s made a big difference! $65.00/ 150ml bottle


2. Keratase Soleil

Spend alot of time in the sun? This glamorous spray provides both UVA and UVB protection while leaving a soft mist of gold reflective particles where sprayed. Its lightweight so you also don’t need to worry about it weighing down your locks. Who doesn’t want their hair to shimmer in the sun? This is the perfect finishing touch to any summer style. Time to sparkle 😉

$37/ 125ml

3.  TRESemmé Climate Control Finishing Spray

Lets face it. The way our hair looks has a lot to do with the weather outside. We all know how it feels to have a bad hair day but what if you didn’t have to? This spray is designed to keep your hair looking fabulous all day long so you never lose that vibrancy you get after its freshly done. It’s special formula is specifically designed to resist humidity, static, UV rays, and wind–without the leaving your hair sticky or stiff like other sprays. I loved this finishing spray because it let me maintain that effortless shine and bounce throughout the day that normally would fade. I am crazy about being outdoors especially in the summer and so I consider this a hairstyling necessity! Pair it with TRESemmé Climate Control Mousse for some added protection.

Bye-bye frizz!

4. Kengo Feather Tenacious Hold Lightweight Cream (Shu Uemura)

A powerful design tool from the Shu Uemura Art of Style collection which not only provides tenacious hold but a lightweight texture that won`t weigh down your locks. It even delivers the same environmental protection against heat, humidity, UV rays that we see is so important. Your finished look will be smooth, shiny, and long-lasting. I don`t often use creams when styling my hair but this one has a completely different effect than the ones I`d tried. It provides a hold that is effortless and it doesn`t look like I`ve loaded on any product. It gave me a beautifully polished appearance that seemed natural.


5. The Amazing Rotating Iron By InStyler–ENTER TO WIN!

Wow– I never would have thought I would be able to take only one styling tool on vacation with me and still get every look. This product is absolutely fantastic. You can curl, straighten, and create big voluminous waves with the same device. Its so versatile and it creates a sleek look every time.

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