Thursday , 19 April 2018
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Medical Scrubs for Spring

With an economy that is taking a long time to right itself, many women are looking into various industries for work. An increasingly popular choice is in the medical field. With a growth of the population of nurses and doctors, there has also come a huge growth in the medical scrubs industry. Scrubs today are not the dowdy, shapeless scrubs that they used to be. Manufacturers update their lines each season, and are coming up with creative ways to make medicals scrubs into fashionable apparel.

Grey’s Anatomy uniforms are some of the most sought after medical scrubs, as they are modeled after the scrubs worn on the hit tv show, and they are made out of a fabric that is soft, and drapes beautifully. Barco, the manufacturer behind Grey’s Anatomy, has debuted a new Grey’s Anatomy scrubs top for summer called the two pocket knot kimono. This scrub top is extremely fashion-forward, with a knot gathering on the side of the neck. The top is cut on the bias so it fits nicely. The pleating at the neck is done by hand, and no two scrubs are the seam, as the pleating may vary from one to the next. Two patch pockets keep it functional, as well as fashionable.
There are also new colors this season, including raspberry, olive green, amethyst, claret, and more. Grey’s Anatomy scrubs now come in a print that adds some life, but is not too busy. Call the ‘no print print’ it features a faint white design on a colored background for an element o interest that is not too showy.

Another scrubs manufacturer, Cherokee, has introduced a new collection of Dickies scrubs that are sure to be snatched up by nurses. The new line, called New Blue, lets you wear your favorite jeans to work. The scrubs are denim in color, but are still made of a soft cotton for practicality during a long day at work. New Blue scrubs are available in two colors, indigo, a dark blue denim, and light indigo, a light blue denim. They are available in women’s and unisex styles, and the scrubs are finished with trendy contrast color top-stitching. There are even two coordinating print tops that go with New Blue scrub pants.

Dickies scrubs has also revolutionized the industry by offering Natural Elements scrubs, the eco-friendly medical scrubs. The fabric used in these scrubs is made of fifty-five percent tencel and forty-five percent polyester. Tencel is a naturally occurring thread, derived from the wood pulp of hardwood trees, and is therefore friendly to the environment. Medical scrubs made out of tencel may be the harbinger of change for the entire fashion industry, as eco-friendly fabric is not an option.
Each season, manufacturers such as Cherokee and Barco update their lines of medical scrubs, offering newer and more fashion-forward scrubs that appeal to nurses, so that they, too, can now wear trendy clothes to work.
Josh Weiss is a medical scrubs expert who recommends Medical Scrubs Collection for the latest in fashionable medical scrubs.

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