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Messages In Water

Water, Consciousness & Intent

By: Everything Beautiful

The majority of our world is made up of water, as is our bodies. It is our vital life source and is needed to sustain our entire planet. Evidently, we possess a deep connection to water and it only goes deeper as we begin to uncover its powerful association to our thoughts, words and intentions. Strengthening this connection is the awareness that our entire universe is in a state of vibration with all matter generating its own special frequency.

It is common knowledge that purified water is better for our bodies than regular or undistilled tap water. What we were unaware of however, is that we hold the powerful ability to change the properties of water through our consciousness. That is, we can actually change both the physical appearance and the molecular properties of water to correspond to either our positive or negative feelings.

An astonishing discovery was made by Japanese researcher Dr. Masuru Emoto when he decided to expose different kinds of water (i.e. tap water, distilled, spring water, etc.) to various words, pictures, and music. He then froze the water and photographed their resulting crystalline structures. The observed images would then be ‘beautiful’ or ‘ugly’ depending on the type of exposure the glass of water received.

Water crystals after the expression of love and gratitude

Water molecule before prayer

Water molecule after prayer

After writing on the water glass “you make me sick”

After writing on the water glass “thank you”

Tap Water vs. Distilled Water without any expressions

Water after playing heavy rock music

Water after playing a Mozart Symphony


Through his ground-breaking research, Dr. Emoto demonstrates the importance of living a life with positive emotion, especially love and gratitude. He reveals that this has a powerful effect on water and subsequently our bodies which are made up of water. Previously thought as a passive substance, water is now known to absorb the vibrations around it including light, sound, heat, energy, and physical elements. Also, as we can see with the experimentation of water crystals, purifying the water we intake has a magnitude of beneficial effects which affects our health. Even further, it is suggested that water can be used for healing if used with conscious intention. Not surprisingly, this is the reason why many religions incorporate water into their ceremonies.

If water has such an impact, it is time for all of us to explore its advantages and improve our lives 🙂

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