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Nature’s Health & Beauty Secret

“Water is the material cause of everything.” ~Thales of Millet (5th Century B.C.)
“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” ~Loran Eisley (The Immense Journey, 1957)

Accounting for an average 75% of our body weight, water plays a tremendous role in regulating our entire physical system. In fact, after oxygen, water is the next important substance that enters our bodies. The quality of water we ingest and its effects are imperative to our health and vitality. Without a sufficient intake of this miracle liquid, we strip our bodies of nurturance and make ourselves vulnerable to illness.

Detoxification Weight Loss
– Acting as a carrier of vital elements, oxygen, hormones, and chemical messengers to all parts of the body, water is a life sustaining element. It also serves the important function of removing toxic waste from cells bringing the body back to a balanced, pure state. Flushing out wastes and the by-products of fat breakdown, water greatly assists the body in this removal process. Moreover, drinking water is an appetite suppressant. In effect, drinking a glass of water half an hour before a meal causes you to eat less and remembering to drink water throughout the day curbs hunger altogether. Mistakenly, hunger may too often be confused with thirst and what the body is really asking for is to be hydrated. In addition, water helps boost metabolism, increasing the body’s rate at which it burns calories. So together, acting as an aid in removing toxins, suppressing hunger, and increasing metabolism, water is a huge contributing factor to weight loss.
Beautiful younger skin
– The effects of the body’s ability to swiftly remove toxins and waste give the skin a beautiful glow making a person look younger and more vibrant. Proper hydration provides replenishment to skin tissues, increases skin moisture preventing dry skin, and enhances skin elasticity. Leaving a radiant complexion, wrinkles are less noticeable, skin is supple, and even lessening dark eye circles as well as puffiness. Without water, skin would become dry and flaky leaving it prone to wrinkles and depriving it of its resilience. The skin is a large organ (actually the largest) made up of cells and when the body is given sufficient hydration essential nutrients are delivered to the skin cells as well as every other cell of the body. The aftermath… radiance.


Relieves Headaches, cramps, and fatigue Increased energy and productivity
– In the face of dehydration the brain becomes less active causing fatigue and weakness. Headaches, cramps, and tiredness are signals that the body isn’t getting what it needs to bring its regulation back to stability. In our culture the erroneous answer is to ingest pharmaceuticals or any other artificial drug that only serves to mask the problem. However, once the bodies thirst is satisfied, these uncomfortable physical symptoms dissipate. Paying attention to our body and supplying it with even the simplest although critical nourishment leaves us with increased energy and productivity. With an adequate replenishment of water, our brains are able to process thoughts more efficiently, our muscles are better able to receive the oxygen it requires, our joints receive lubrication, body temperature is regulated, and more fuel becomes available! The effects are increased alertness and concentration, enhanced movement and exercise, and more energy in general because the supply of water allows our muscles to work less hard in regulating essential functions, leaving an excess of strength to enjoy.

Improved immune system and health
– Drinking water prevents a variety of ailments and disease in addition to serving as a strong prevention mechanism. It’s also a powerful combatant against the flu equipping the body with strength to eliminate the illness while even preventing kidney stones and heart attack. Water works to increase nerve function, blood circulation, and all processes that relate to our life sustenance. What’s more, water is powerful agent in reducing the risk of cancer (specifically, bladder and colon). In sufficient amounts, water is a diluting substance reducing the presence of cancer causing agents in urine, also decreasing the time in which it spends in the bladder. The list goes on as water greatly influences the body’s ability to either restore itself or succumb to illness in the face of dehydration.

Healing/Therapeutic properties
– Water has sacred, healing properties that connect us back to mother nature. The mere sensation of a hot bath or the water streaming down our bodies in a shower is enough to ease stress, lessen tension, clear our chakras, and revitalize our physical and mental selves. Water therapy is used to help eliminate sickness and remove frustrations. Water turns out to be just as important on the outside as it is on the inside. Just as our bodies our mostly made up of water, so is the earth and therefore attention must be paid on the internal as well as the external.

Dehydration Culprits:
These diuretic substances take more water from the body than they supply, resulting in the need for replenishment.
Artificial sweetners

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