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Nerium AD: Exceptionally Beautiful Skin

Nerium-ADThis is my final blog entry detailing my 2 month trial with NeriumAD, a journey to what I’d call exceptionally beautiful skin. Whenever I receive a new skin care product with high promises, I’m a bit skeptical. There always seems to be some sort of astonishing new technology or ingredient that will completely reverse the aging process (or something like that). Even still, I’m always eager to try out what’s new and have become a remarkable “ingredient reader” and “scientific data specialist” as a result of comparing products ;). So when sifting through the masses of creams out there, I’ve come to know exactly what I like in my creams and what I don’t.

For example, I love using creams that contain the most natural ingredients (not the chemical version of the same thing). If all we need is contained in nature, why not just use that? Not to mention the horrible side effects of using synthetic products over a long period of time. But we’ll have to talk about that in a whole other article! Below is a condensed list of great things to find in your cream and a list of ingredients to stay clear of…


  • Antioxidants
  • Botanical extracts (i.e. aloe, OLEANDER, sandalwood, green tea, barley)
  • Vitamins (i.e. E, C, A)
  • Nourishing oils (i.e. jojoba seed oil, castor oil)
  • Skin-building proteins (i.e. collagen)
  • Cruelty-free
  • Anti-aging
  • Non-comedogenic


  • Parabens
  • Propylene glycol
  • Sulfates
  • Mineral oil
  • DEA
  • Pthalates
  • Synthetic fragrance
  • Synthetic color
  • PABA

And basically any other chemical!

In short, NeriumAD contains all the above mentioned “good” ingredients and NONE of the above mentioned “bad” ingredients. This is why I can apply this guilt-free cream day and night without worrying about what else my body could be absorbing. Not only are the contents of the cream on a desirable level, but so is the consistency and desired outcome. Shown welow is a pump of the NeriumAD day cream on the left and night cream on the right. Both hydrate the skin immediately, while the night cream creates more of a breathable mask to facilitate skin healing over night (the optimal time for natural skin turnover and rejuvenation).

Nerium-AD-creamsFurther, the results of my 2-month NeriumAD trial are as shown below. I am 26 years old and although I don’t have much wrinkling yet, I found that the product significantly decreased skin redness, improved its texture and smoothness, increased hydration, reduced pore size, and evened out my skin tone. What’s more, is that I noticed an immediate improvement and then more gradual changes over the 2-month time period. If I had to say it in the simplest words, it gave my skin exactly what it needed. This is the only product I tested outside of my normal skin routine so I could be sure of the results. My normal skin routine includes: cleansing, exfoliation (via Clarisonic), toning, face oil, day/night cream (NeriumAD), and a sunscreen for daytime (yes, even in the winter!).

Nerium-AD-before-afterFor more information or to order NeriumAD, please visit

*If you are an existing NeriumAD customer, be sure to enter the “90 Day Real Results Contest” to win a trip to Miami!*

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