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New Year’s Eve Prep Essentials

With New Year’s Eve just a few short days away, preparations are in full swing! Here are some New Year’s Prep Essentials to get you ready for the big night.

1. A Statement Glitter Clutch

Every New Year’s outfit needs a statement item and this year it would have to be a glitter clutch! Check out this season’s hottest style splurges or steal them away for much less 🙂

New Year's Glitter Clutch

2. A Flawless Face

New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity to GLAM UP. That means pulling out all the stops especially with hair and makeup. But first there are a few essentials to ensure you’re giving yourself the best palette to work with:

  • Keep your skin Exfoliated (especially during the winter months, 3 times per week is essential! You wouldn’t want your skin to appear dry and flaky beneath your foundation.
  • Moisturize!–I can’t stress this enough. Right now I’m a huge fan of the HydrExtreme by Consonant Body which is an innovative complex that actually outperforms Hyaluronic Acid. It offers instant hydration and a dramatic improvement of fine lines and wrinkles. This becomes a crucial aid in delivering the perfect palette which you would like to have as smooth as possible for makeup application.

New Years Eve Prep Essentials

  • Get a Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial–this hailed beauty treatment among celebs offers a temporary yet effective solution to have your skin looking flawless for the evening. It diminishes imperfections, smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, lifts, stimulates collagen, improves tone, radiance, and glow. Madonna literally swears by it.
  • Zap any lingering blemishes–in order to achieve a smooth surface you’ll need to be prepared for any last minute flare-ups. There is a unique little tool I was gifted with called Tanda Zap that promises to ‘clear or fade mild to moderate acne blemishes within 24 hours’. Using a blue LED light it starts clearing immediately, while preventing future breakouts–results guaranteed. This nifty spot treatment is also only $49.

New Year's Eve Prep Essentials tanda_zap

3. A Pro Foundation

Now that we’ve uncovered some essentials to achieving flawless skin, you’ll want a nice PRO Finish Foundation to smooth onto it. Make Up For Ever just recently launched this Multi-Use Powder Foundation that delivers a long-lasting, flawless complexion–exactly what is needed for long night out! What’s different about it compared to other products is its versatility: When applied wet, it delivers sheer, satin coverage, and when applied dry it offers full, matte coverage. You have complete control over coverage and what type of look your are trying to achieve. It also is formulated without parabens, mineral oil, fragrance, and contains less talc and therefore eliminates that “cakey” look as seen with other compact foundations. It’s even formulated with beneficial ingredients such as Ximenia oil and Aloe Vera for additional skin nourishment. You’ll also be happy to know that it comes in 25 different shades, so you can find the perfect blend for your complexion. In the pic below I’m wearing shade #123 and I opted for a dry application 🙂

New Year's Eve Essentials Pro Foundation


4. A Chip-Resistant Manicure

New Year's Eve Prep Nails

For me having a nice manicure is not just a New Year’s prep essential, but also a regular one. Hey, Jeanne Beker says it best– “I’ve learned that chipped nail polish is a dead giveaway that you’re not taking enough time for yourself.” Ain’t that the truth! Now I’ve come to love gel nail polish because it dries within minutes under a UV light and perfectly at that, while also lasting much longer (2-3 weeks!) than regular polish (only days 🙁 ), since its resistant to chipping. I was gifted with a few polishes from Bioseaweed Gel and decided to invest in their UV lamp (although their polish also cures in the sun!). This made my life a lot easier since I can just do my own salon professional manicures straight from home and still get the same results. With their product there is also no need for a base or top coat since its an all-in-one polish–making life even easier. Further, it doesn’t require any sanding down of your nails and it won’t weaken, dehydrate, or stain them either. Since receiving their products I’ve been an avid user of the “Black Magic” since its such a trendy shade for the season and so versatile with outfits.

SO, for New Year’s since its THE perfect time to GLAM UP, I though what a fitting time to use “Kissed at Midnight” from Nicole by OPISelena Gomez 2013 Collection (one coat over the ‘black magic’). Now, you can obviously choose a different version of sparkle to coordinate the rest of your outfit and clutch (‘ahem!) but I just love how black and gold fit so nicely together.

5. A Perfume Gel 

Why perfume gel you ask? I love a perfume gel because you can apply it directly to your pulse points (where perfume should be applied) instead of spritzing it everywhere and probably over-doing the job. These points are located in the areas where blood vessels are closest to the skin, specifically: your inner wrists, the base of your  throat, right behind your ear lobes, in your cleavage, behind your knees, and inner elbows. Sounds like a lot to spritz which is why a gel is awesome when it comes to a more precise application. For New Year’s especially since you’ll probably be dancing and emitting a lot of heat from your skin, this is a great way to get every area covered.

New Year's Prep Essentials Perfume

I love this perfume gel Elegante by Elizabeth Grant…because…it smells amazing! Here are it’s top, middle, and base notes:

Top = Fruity Accord, Leafy greens, Orchid Vanilla
Heart = Rose, Ylang-ylang, Orange Blossom, Tuberose
Base = Sandalwood, Musk

Mmmmm 🙂

And that concludes my New Year’s 2012 Prep Essentials! Happy 2013!!!

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  1. Love the post! We actually offer Oxygen Facials at my work, you should def come have one done 😉

  2. SUCH an informative post-You are a beauty Genius giving us all the organic insider secrets!!! PS. Just had my first oxygen facial this year on my birthday (a special gift from my hubby) as he KNOWS how obsessed I am with my skincare regimen, that he actually researched oxygen facials LOL! NOW I need to run out and get this bioseaweed & uv light system as I won’t be caught dead in the New Year with a chipped mani after your useful advice!

    • Thank you Shellie! You are so sweet!!! My pleasure I’m so glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 That is SO cute of your hubby to do! Where did you get your facial done?
      Haha I’m with you on that one!! An outfit just isn’t complete without a fresh mani 🙂

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