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Strip your Boundaries with Nyood Yoga and Win One Month Unlimited Classes

NYOOD Yoga Toronto

Toronto’s hottest (no pun intended) new yoga studio has just opened and is cranking up the heat… (literally ;))! It’s called NYOOD Yoga and is nothing short of spectacular. Co-founder Gillian B (and beautiful friend might I add) has stripped the boundaries just as the meaning of its name suggests, delivering a yoga experience that is like no other. Gillian invited myself and a few of our lovely girlfriends to a private lesson at her cozy studio in order to show us just what Nyood yoga is all about.

First of all, I’d like to say that I’ve been to MANY yoga classes at many different studios and not one has provided as much care and attention to detail as Gillian. From mood, ambiance, care, to sheer passion for the practice itself….everything shines. Upon arriving we were offered two types of teas that we eagerly sipped away at the beginning, during, and after practice–that Green Matcha blend was heaven! Thanks for the two pots 🙂

As we positioned ourselves to begin practice, light music played in the background and sage was burned to clear the air of any negative energies while also having a calming effect on the body and mind. You could literally feel your tensions slipping away as Gillian swirled the burning sage around over each of us, while also preparing our minds for the practice to come. Next, she guided us into undoubtfully the best yoga experience I’ve ever had–and maybe that’s because there just are no boundaries. Gillian loves to teach and does it extremely well, helping you reach levels you probably hadn’t tested both in body, mind, and even spirit. Needless to say you are left eager to come back for more, continuing to push your own boundaries every time.

At the end of practice we were guided into a light meditation where she then utilized the therapeutic goodness of essential oils applying them to our pressure points, furthering easing us into an already blissful state.

Nyood Yoga Toronto 4

I bet you can tell by the picture above we had a blast {private individual or group lessons like this one are offered and make for a fantastic day with your girlfriends}. I’d definitely go for this before the start of a spa day…*ahem* bachelorette ideas anyone?

NYOOD Yoga Toronto 3

When I thought this fun-filled afternoon was coming to an end, Gillian then demonstrated Chakra testing and how to identify where there is any stagnant energy in our Seven Chakras. She then proceeded to show us how to open up those chakras using various yoga techniques and positions. It was actually a pretty insightful test and the results I received made perfect sense once I read up on it. If there are any areas of your life that may require healing or growth, this is a great tool to help you remove the very obstacles that may be trapping you. This goes back to stripping your boundaries, the essence of what Nyood yoga is all about.

Now that I’ve told you how much I LOVE this new studio and would like to move downtown just to be there everyday, I have teamed up with co-founders Gillian and Stephen to give you the same experience. Actually, as much as you can handle in one month.

One way to win is by uploading a photo of yourself or someone doing your favorite yoga post to Twitter or Instagram using hashtag #NyoodYoga…. we love photos!

You can follow Gillian on Twitter Here and Instagram Here

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OR you can Enter Below and at the very least leave a blog post comment telling us why you want to win.

So WIN IT Torontonians!! 🙂

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  1. Because yoga is my life! I would love to try out this new studio <3

  2. Awesome post…I’ve fallen off the hot yoga track over the winter months and was looking for some inspiration to get me back in. Nyood Yoga sounds amazing…I’m going to have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I used to be an avid yogi and have fallen off the train with the demands of life. I can feel my body begging me to get back into it and this would be just the nudge I need. Fingers crossed!

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