Thursday , 26 April 2018
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Optimizing your pH for a Healthy Body

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It’s been almost a month since I’ve been making the conscious attempt to shift my pH balance  towards a more alkaline state. And wow, things can happen quickly if you just make the simple intention to commit a goal! I went from an average pH balance of 6, to a whooping 8!! And I feel incredible. It’s one of those things where you realize you don’t actually know how good you can feel until you get there. Believing I was already in my optimal health state 1 month ago has been a reality check, since I’ve shifted so much since then. 

Now there have been several changes I’ve made in the past month which I believe have contributed to optimizing my health:

  • For one, I’ve committed to juicing daily – usually it’s been a wheatgrass shot, tumeric + ginger shot, or a combination of raw organic veggies + fruit like beets, cucumber, celery, carrot, and apple. I’ve consuming one or more of these per day. What’s amazing about {cold-press} juicing is that you preserve all of the nutrients and minerals, while receiving a much higher amount than otherwise consumed as part of a regular meal. Receiving these nutrients will invigorate your cells and help to oxygenate your entire body, and elevate your pH level to its most optimal state.
  • Second, I’ve been consuming less animal products and instead, more live, raw, fresh organic foods in general. When we consume too many cooked foods, the nutrients in them become depleted. Also, foods that are organic have also been shown to have higher nutrient density (and there are also no pesticides that your liver has to process, making it an added bonus!).
  • Third, I’ve been starting my day with a tall glass of water with lime/lemon. And consuming more purified water in general. This does wonders for cleansing the body and kickstarting your metabolism! Interestingly, lemon/lime are considered acidic – however, the moment they interact with your digestive system, they turn alkaline and have a very positive effect on the body.
  • Fourth, I’ve eliminated alcohol – I always feel incredible when I do this. However tasty, alcohol is VERY acidic.
  • Fifth, I’ve been exercising more, meditating more, and been overall less stressed – probably because I just moved to BALI (for the next 3 months)! However, these are practices you can do anywhere. The culture here has reminded me just how important it is to maintain this serenity through the ebb and flow of life. For me, yoga and meditation as often as possible, has been key.
  • And FINALLY, I’ve brought with me Pascoe Basentabs! It’s actually been an incredible item to pack with me as I’ve needed the very minerals they consist of – that is – zinc, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. The reason why is because I suffered an injury last week and have needed to optimize bone and ligament repair. My healing time has been remarkably fast to say the least.

This is post 2 of 3 of my journey with Pascoe Basentabs, and we also have an upcoming twitter chat!! Stay tuned and follow along through our social handles for more juicy healing info:

For more information on Pascoe Basentabs please visit:

To read up on my first article about Improving Acid-Base Balance with Pascoe, follow this link:



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