Thursday , 26 April 2018
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Refresh Botanicals Skin Care Review + Win the Entire Line!

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts lately, you’ll know that I’m only endorsing products that are natural and don’t contain any harmful additives. After exploring the entire skin care field over my past 5 years of blogging about beauty (and giving the conventional side a fair shot), I simply cannot ignore the chemically-laden junk (excuse my french) that ... Read More »

Successful Self-Dentistry – Is it Possible?

Had you asked me this a year ago, I would have responded otherwise – never missing my 6 month dental check-up and priding myself for it. This past year however, I’ve been coming to several profound realizations about life and exactly how much we need {this is another big topic}. Regarding dentistry however, it’s only been in the last several ... Read More »

The Only Fabrics You Should be Wearing on Your Skin

 Photo c/o Synergy Organic Clothing As modern society is teaching us, technological advances don’t always prove to be beneficial. It wasn’t long ago that only natural fabrics were solely used like hemp, cotton, flax, silk, wool, cashmere, alpaca, and linen. Nowadays though, our fabrics are being chemically treated and processed, causing adverse effects to the wearer. Harmful detergents, petrochemical dyes, ... Read More »

How to Defy Aging with Collagen

Collagen has been the buzzword in the beauty industry for a while and for good reason. It’s not only the most abundant protein in the entire body, but acts as the connective tissue holding it all together. You can see why this would be of significant importance to maintaining youthful skin against aging, but also to a variety of health ... Read More »

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