Thursday , 26 April 2018
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Lacking Motivation? Top Tips For Sticking To Your New Year Health Kick

We all start the new year with great intentions to eat healthier and do more exercise. However, by about this time in the year, our stamina begins to run out. We become less and less able to resist the temptation of a few glasses of wine or slices of pizza. And, spending time in front of the television becomes way ... Read More »

Valentine’s Day Clarins Must-Haves

I remember when I first set my eyes on the Clarins line, I was 16 years old and traveling in Abruzzi, Italy when I stopped to gaze at the posh shops lining the cultured streets. In them I began to dream of how I’d love to style myself in chic clothing and be able to wear this pretty makeup like ... Read More »

Great Ideas for your Next Costume Party

If you are not a big fan of costume parties but you have been sent an invite to one, you may be thinking about declining. The thought of having to find a costume and then perhaps wandering around looking like an idiot all night may well be quite unpleasant. Then, of course, are all the FaceBook posts that forever immortalize ... Read More »

Wedding Crafts Made Simple

Image credit: If you really enjoy crafts, you may be thinking about crafts for your own wedding or the wedding of a friend. While this can be daunting and frightening, there are plenty of people who have made everything for their wedding, including the wedding dress! This does, of course, take substantial amounts of time and effort, but it ... Read More »

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