Thursday , 26 April 2018
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9 Wanderlust Travel Essentials

Well the travel bug caught me again and I’ve just returned from CAMBODIA! I’m so happy to have seen this magical place for the first time and also take part in the Holistic Edventures Retreat that 2 of my amazing friends have organized. There’s nothing like taking the time to rejuvenate in such a healing place as this and with ... Read More »

Genuine Health fermented vegan proteins+ Review and Giveaway!

Now as a graduating Naturopath this year, I’ve been taught ALL about the benefits of fermentation and the power of building a healthy gut. 90% of all disease stems from an unhealthy gut microbiome, which is absolutely astounding! Recently I also attended the Integrative Healthcare Symposium in New York, which brings together renowned holistic medical health practitioners from around the ... Read More »

Shop the Biggest Nordstrom Warehouse Sale of 2016

*SAVE THE DATE {TORONTO}* If you love great deals, stylish items, and one of the most coveted fashion retailers….NORDSTROM, then this sale is for you! Last year I attended this event for the first time and was able to score several designer items that I wouldn’t have gotten my hands on otherwise. It was the perfect way to begin my ... Read More »

GEOX NEBULA Collection

NEBULA shoes are made for travelling the world. And so am I! 🙂 Recently, I made my way to Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto to check out the new NEBULA collection by Geox. Being a first timer to the Geox brand itself, I was eager to learn about their innovative Geox Net Breathing System Technology and lust over all of their ... Read More »

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