Thursday , 26 April 2018
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Travel Beauty: How to Stay Flawless on the Go

Traveling is an essential part of life–for me anyway. Only thing is, it takes a major toll on your skin and overall beauty routine. Whether it be long hours on a bus, train, or plane…your skin tends to get dehydrated, you lose sleep, and your body must adjust to time changes. Keeping that in mind, I’ve composed a list of ... Read More »

SweetGrass Spa Toronto

Champagne bubbly, ozonated swimming pool, infrared sauna, fine culinary delights, and supreme pampering? This is only a few of the enticements to visiting Toronto’s luxury women’s-only spa, which is nothing short of spectacular. On Thursday, I had the most relaxing morning and beautiful manicure at SweetGrass Spa. What I’d call a “princess mani”, it was no doubt an experience fit ... Read More »

Pause Beauty: Holistic Facial + Giveaway

Pause Beauty Toronto This morning I had the pleasure of getting pampered with Pause Beauty–a brand new upscale beauty boutique in Toronto, covering a full range of aesthetic services (at affordable pricing). My weapon of choice was the holistic, deep cleansing facial–60 minutes of pure relaxation and complete skin rejuvenation. But before I go on to a full review of ... Read More »

10 Secrets For Beautiful Skin

As I further my studies in Naturopathic Medicine, one of the most popular questions I get asked is how to maintain beautiful skin. There are TONS of products on the market, plenty of which claim to offer a miracle solution…or at least close to it. So how does one actually know how to sift through the masses and really determine ... Read More »

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