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Cleansing with Raw Juice Guru

Raw Juice Guru

Being a student of Naturopathic Medicine, I am extremely aware of the multitude of benefits to be gained by using food (or juice!) as medicine. I have virtually yet to study a condition that cannot be helped by improvement of diet alone as well as the addition of certain nutrients and exercise. It is such a fundamental aspect of our health, yet often overlooked. Thankfully, cleansing programs like Raw Juice Guru are a valuable approach to re-claiming one’s health and overall vitality.

When I met Eliane of Raw Juice Guru it was during Spring Cleansing with Dr. JJ, where she was handing out samples of her delicious juices and speaking about the benefits of doing a full-on cleanse. Always wanting to try this myself I was definitely on board for a 3-day challenge. Basically, each day all of your meals are replaced with fresh, cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices (4 Litres to be exact) delivered to your doorstep every morning. By allowing your digestive processes to take a break from solid foods and providing your body with the most nutrient-dense fuel, you’re allowing it time to heal, rejuvenate, and eliminate accumulated toxins.

If you think about it, cleansing makes perfect sense since your body is constantly working to keep you alive and functional even though you aren’t paying attention to it. This is all great, however, when your diet is sub-par it must work overtime to achieve the same outcome! This is when imbalances tend to occur and more energy is required to keep your health in check. By giving your body time to rest and delivering it the cleanest energy, you are essentially re-storing that balance.

Usually, cleanses are recommended at the turn of a new season but you can virtually do them any time, especially if you are feeling sluggish and could use an energy boost. I began my 3-day cleanse with the welcoming of “Spring”, although I’m not sure if Mother Nature knows we’ve started a new season *sigh*. As promised, I was delivered 4 litres of fresh juice which I was instructed to drink in order every 90 minutes, along with a detox tea to be enjoyed at anytime. Here is what my menu looked like for Day 1:

Juice 1
Pineapple, Cucumber,cilantro, kale, apple, lemon
Juice 2
Fennel, carrot, cucumber, lemon, apple, romaine
Juice 3
Juice 4
Beet, celery, apple, lemon
Juice 5
Watermelon, lemon
Juice 6
Spirulina, apple
Juice 7
Beet, celery, apple, lemon
Juice 8
Pineapple, Cucumber,cilantro, kale, apple, lemon

Now, admittedly on the first day I woke up slightly groggy since I had some wine the evening before. That being said I was so grateful that after gulping down the first juice, I felt almost completely replenished, and quickly too. The fast delivery of hydration and nutrients (100% organic might I add) was just what my body needed and served as a powerful jump-start to the day ahead. As instructed, I had spaced out the juices in 90 minute intervals at first wondering if there was going to be enough….but at the fourth juice wondering if I could even finish them all! I guarantee you will not feel starved, actually far from it.

Raw Juice Cleanse

I kept all my juices cold, guarded :), and eagerly awaited drinking the next as they were all so tasty! Each day the menu slightly differed so that each organ is optimally targeted for detoxification–it is also a cleanse tailored to your individual needs. All in all I felt wonderful and was at my peak of mental clarity, energy, and concentration. I do admit though I lusted for my daily coffee and oddly missed chewing my food–and I MAY have cheated (just a tiny, tiny bit) with a sip of coffee (NO sugar) and a few spoons of steamed organic quinoa. BUT all in all I think I did exceptionally well for my otherwise big appetite and definitely reaped the benefits. For the entire 3 days I felt invigorated and noticed that my body was operating at a level higher than normal–even for someone that eats as clean as I do! There is just no comparison to delivering something so nutrient-dense and at the fast, high levels of absorption of what you get from juicing. I really enjoyed this cleanse and would definitely do it again. It is a bit costly, however, after seeing the amount of juice you actually get and the service with having it hand-delivered fresh every morning, it’s a reasonable price to pay for an exceptional cleanse. I also love the idea that Eliane offers a full juice bar for health maintenance and the option to have it delivered to events and sports teams (a much better choice than your traditional sports drink which is FULL of sugar). I think it’s a great idea and would encourage absolutely anyone to try it, if even to optimize an already healthy state.
For more information on Raw Juice Guru and their various cleansing programs (I participated in the Juice Feasting Cleanse), you can visit their website and follow them on Twitter or Facebook. Happy Cleansing! 🙂

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