Monday , 23 April 2018
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Rock Bathing at Iyashi Spa in Toronto

Rock Bathing Toronto

As part of my motivation to jump-start a Spring Cleanse, I recently decided to check out Iyashi Bedrock Spa in Toronto.  With raving reviews from Toronto Life, Fashion Magazine, and New Beauty Magazine…. I HAD to try out this unique treatment called “Rock Bathing”, also known as “Ganbanyoku” in Japanese. Hearing that it promises to completely calm, detoxify, rejuvenate, and burn calories {700-1,500 per hour!} all while laying down in a comforting warmth equivocal to the tropics. AMAZING, right?

So, how does it work exactly?

Basically, you lay fully-clothed in your spa gear on Black Silica {Phantom Ore} which is known to naturally release Far Infrared rays and Negative Ions, while also possessing anti-bacterial qualities. What the infrared rays {a natural form of energy emitted by sunlight} do is gradually increase the body’s core temperature while also being absorbed by the body’s cells, joints, and even muscles. These rays have extremely beneficial effects on the body providing pain relief {from sore muscles to arthritis}, improving circulation {thereby improving skin tone and elasticity–aka anti-aging}, reducing stress, improving weight loss, detoxifying the body of harmful metals, while also strengthening the immune and cardiovascular systems. Further, the Negative Ions released actually increase the flow of oxygen to the brain stimulating heightened mental energy and alertness once the treatment is finished. It also promotes the production of globulin which further strengthens the immune system.

I thought this treatment was pretty incredible and from what I could experience in the short-term, it delivered exactly as promised! I experienced one hour of rock-bathing {three 15 minute intervals alternating each with a 5 minute period of cold and re-hydrating with water}. Once I was finished, the rest of my day was super productive and my mental energy was at its peak. I also consumed less food that day and was able to easily resist cravings since it seemed the rock bathing actually stimulated a release of endorphins (usually people tend to overeat when they are seeking some sort of endorphin release). This is definitely something I would commit to at an ongoing basis, even as a once a week pick-me-up. It’s an eco-friendly way of powerfully detoxifying the body and providing overall well-being. Not to mention its a spectacular beauty treatment as your skin will receive improved circulation, keeping it glowing and youthful! I’d definitely encourage anyone to visit this spa and experience rock bathing, it’s tranquility at its best. Never underestimate the power of sweat, and in this case Black Silica 🙂

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