Monday , 23 April 2018
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Rowenta Beauty Exclusive Media Launch, the Unveiling of 2 Hot New Products, & Hair Tips by Dee Dagher!

Tonight I had the opportunity of going to an exclusive media gathering hosted by Rowenta Beauty and 1Milk2SugarsPR to witness the private unveiling of 2 incredibly amazing BRAND NEW hair tools! It was at this Chic little venue called The Harbord Room in Toronto who’s pink decor perfectly complemented the fashionistas that were pouring in to get in on all the beauty action.

Xina (from 1Milk2SugarsPR) and myself

Nicole (from and myself–love the pleated skirt! 🙂

Double Straight and Curl Active by Rowenta Beauty

Rowenta Beauty is a European (like myself ;)) line intelligently crafted to bring fabulous hair to every beauty savvy individual or professional looking to achieve its outstanding results. From hot runway looks to effortless strands, this line has dedicated itself to bringing the expertise to your very own fingertips.

And so the anticipation is building! How do we use them!!

The Double Straight and Curl Active by Rowenta Beauty–ready for styling!

Ahhh and Gorgeous Hair awaits us as Dee Dagher arrives to show us just how these innovative tools work while also leaving us with some of her secret beauty tips!

The Double Straight by Rowenta Beauty

Dee shows us that the Double Straight is designed to provide double the styling power–as the name suggests, with its built-in instant heating comb & Ultrashine Nano Ceramic technology. Usually, when straightening our hair we awkwardly use one hand to hold the comb and the other to guide the straightener through our accepting locks. This ingenious tool however eliminates this difficult hand maneuver by having it already built-in and therefore allowing for more precise styling. As a result, hair is super sleek and shiny as the above picture flawlessly demonstrates.

Gosh what an brilliant idea! I’m not very coordinated so this will make my hair styling a heck of a lot easier!

The Curl Active by Rowenta Beauty

Dee Dagher styling model with the Curl Active

Now if you thought the Double Straight was good—just wait until you hear about what the Curl Active does. So basically, you take a section of your hair and secure the Curl Active on the bottom portion of that section and allow it to curl your hair ITSELF. Yes, that’s right. It’s like having your own stylist in the room—say goodbye to sub-standard waves and say hello to a professional Do each time you touch your hair with this little beauty best friend. Laziness is no longer an excuse.

Check out the 2 links below to see Dee Dagher’s LIVE demonstration of the Curl Active:

Rowenta Curl Active Part I

Rowenta Curl Active Part II

Dee’s Special Secret Hair Tips:

1. A little bit of Frizz is GOOD, embrace it—you don’t want that gelled down look. It looks better to have a natural style and sport that since frizz is bound to happen once you leave your doorstep–unless you are wearing a wig, which in my opinion isn’t a look you’d probably want people to notice.

2. Pump up your waves–once your head is full of waves, flip it over and go through sections of your hair wrapping the curl in your fingertips and then just pulling the curl upwards by holding onto only a few strands of each section. Look at the Rowenta Curl Active Part II link to see exactly how Dee does it.

3. Using less product extends the life of your blowdry— since the Rowenta Beauty tools use just the right amount of heat to help you style your hair, you can use less product and still achieve the same hold. Using less product will also make your hairstyle last longer and therefore require less mandatory washing if your schedule doesn’t allow for it.

Models doing demos of the hair tools

This setting looks exactly like one of the rooms in my Barbie Dream-house as a young girl when I was fantasizing about fashion and beautiful hair. Now I’ve grown to experience the life sized version!

Driving home with my Goody Bag… yay!!

What do you guys think of these brand new beauty tools?

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  1. Great post! It was a lovely event and the products look amazing! I can’t wait to try them! It was great meeting you 🙂


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