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Six Tips to Get Beautiful Legs For Summer

Six Tips to Get Beautiful Legs For Summer


As the summer season sets in, most women start digging in their wardrobe to find out their shorts, bikinis so that they can hit the beach in style. Flaunting buttery soft, toned, slightly tanned and sexy legs in the beach season have been the favorite hobby of women since ages, however not all womenfolk are blessed with naturally sexy legs to show off. So here goes a round up on best tips to make your legs beach ready.

Start With Exfoliation

All through the winter months our legs can easily become dull and scaly due to the change in climate. But as the summer months descends, it is important for us get rid of all the dead skin that has accumulated on the top layer of skin to get back the radiant glow of our legs. You can use a variety of exfoliation products to get soft and supple skinor even easily make your own. Just please don’t follow Snooki’s bizarre beauty tip and use cat litter! *YIKES*

Herbal exfoliator contains sea salt, a natural exfoliator and it also contain other minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium that ensure glowing skin.

For a more spa quality investment, Moroccanoil has launched their exfoliation duo this season which includes the exfoliating Body Buff  ($42 CAN) for instant radiance and the luxurious Body Soufflé ($52) for instant restoration. Together these two products will literally transform your legs for summer and are gentle enough for daily use.

The Body Buff is made with orange peel (a natural exfoliant) and superior quality oils (Argan, Sweet Almond, Safflower, Sesame, Avocado, and Grapeseed) for the most nourishing experience your skin. Next, the Body Souffle is an indulgent hybrid of body milk and butter *drool*, drenching the skin in softness for an all-day silky feel. It’s key ingredients are Argan Oil (Moroccanoil’s trademark!), Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera.

Moroccan Oil Body Buff and Body Souffle

How to Apply Moroccan Oil Body Buff and Body Souffle

1. Massage the Body Buff in small, circular motions (as with any exfoliant), on dry or damp skin prior to showering. Be sure to pay additional attention to rough patches or areas prone to dryness (like elbows and knees).

2. Rinse off the Body Buff–in the shower, or as I did with a steamed cloth since I chose to exfoliate my legs outdoors.

3. Apply Body Soufflé to lock in this fresh luminosity and further soothe your beautiful legs.

Exfoliation for Beautiful Legs

Moisturize Legs

Your leg skins are bound to get dry after a thorough scrub, so massage it with a thick and rich moisturizer to replenish it with natural oils and moisture to maintain its glow (as shown above). This process will help to stop the skin from flaking, improves blood circulation and relaxes the leg muscles. You can also apply some firming lotion as it helps in making the skin firm and thus giving your legs a sexy shape.

Hair Removal Is Necessary

Before hitting the beach in itsy-bitsy bikinis, swim wear or shorts, shaving or waxing the legs is extremely important. Waxing helps in removing the hair follicles from its root and this produces results that last for a few weeks. But the process is quite painful and you need to have patience to endure it. Shaving on the other hand is easier and a much faster solution. However, it does not last long and you should always use a good lubricant to get smooth skin. In both these hair removing methods, some ingrown hairs are going to be left behind and may produce some unsightly red bumps. Massage those areas with an exfoliating face cleanser first as it helps in opening the hair follicle and making the hair removal process easier.

If you can afford laser hair removal, this is also a very effective solution which will save you from the frequency of shaving or waxing and prevent much of the potential ingrown hairs. Salon appointments can become costly, however, there are some great at-home hair removal devices as well. Tanda Me hair removal has recently become the popular at-home professional solution to hair removal and at a fraction of the salon price!

Keep a Great Pedicure

Along with your legs it is also important to trim and clean toe nails nicely. Thereafter treat the calluses, cuticles and rough spots on your skin with a foot scrub. Apply a hot and punchy nail paint to make your legs all the more sexier (corals, tangerine, hot pink, and even white–there are so many hot summer colours that will even deepen the appearance of your tan). The nail polish must be applied with care so that it is neat, smooth and attractive. Also, always remember to use a top coat to keep your pedicure shiny and chip-free!

Add Some Bronze

Tanned legs appear sexier in comparison to pale ones. So if you have a pale skin tone, apply skin tanner, a skin care product that produces amino acids after reacting with the skin and make the skin tone a shade deeper. To get instantaneous tanned legs, bronzing oils are perfectly suited.

I recently came across this incredible game-changing product below called the 360° Sunless Eco-Mist ($40) by Norvell. It’s an eco-product that uses natural actives and does NOT contain any of the synthetic derivatives that had previously turned me off of spray-tans, or at least made me use them sparsely.

It’s difficult to achieve a great tan especially since you want to protect your skin from the sun and tanning beds are just not an option. I used to be a big proponent of spray-tanning–but the parabens were a big deterrent, especially since your entire body is being soaked in the formula. So finding this organic solution was a major moment! Most importantly, it provides bronzed results that appear flawless (not streaky or orange), allowing you to achieve beautiful legs (and a great bod) for summer.

How to Apply Norvell 360° Sunless Eco-Mist

  • Exfoliate 24-hours prior to application
  • Insert the handy nose-filters provided with the product
  • Keeping can 10-12 inches from body, apply in a constant sweeping motion to clean, dry skin
  • For face, spray solution on a makeup sponge and blend onto face and hairline, while avoiding lips and eyes
  • Allow tan to deepen over 8-24 hours and enjoy!

Norvell Sunless Bronzer

Exercise Regularly

Along with beauty products, regular exercise is extremely important for toning your legs. Toned legs are way too beautiful and appealing. So find out some time to do some special leg workouts that will tighten your calve muscles and strengthening your glutes (SQUATS!). There also are many ways to get in great leg workouts without hauling yourself to the gym. Make use of your stairs at home, go rollerblading and/or jogging, lunging and squatting wherever you please, and plenty of calf raises will have you on your way to beautifully toned legs.

These are some of the easy yet effective tips for getting beautiful legs for summer. So pull your socks up and start practicing them if you are feeling shy to show off your legs in the sandy beaches. You need not spend much time but the results are really effective.

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The above article is composed by CJ, a beautician by profession dealing with skin care products who loves to share her beauty and health tips via her articles.

Edited by: Erica Grenci

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