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Skin Care Expert and Founder of Mèreadesso Woman… Linda Stephenson gives us the Beauty Low-Down!

If I was going to ask anyone their advice on skincare products it appears I’ve come to the right place! Industry expert Linda Stephenson who has been in the beauty industry developing products for 24 years with big brands such as Estée Lauder, MAC, and Mary Kay before she founded her own line Mèreadesso Woman, reveals her valuable tips and professional knowledge.

With a Honours Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto in Chemistry and Biology with a minor in Botany she began her career by being recruited by a little brand called MAC–not bad straight out of University! After they were acquired by Estée Lauder (whom she praises as an excellent company to work for) she continued to hold a senior management position in product development and had the opportunity to travel around the world in search of exotic ingredients while using her creativity to produce innovative blends of botanicals and enzymes. After years of valuable experience and learning she continued to consult for various companies but became bewildered by the fact that she rarely came across a company that sought out to design something new. Instead, those she consulted with commonly requested her advice on how to create a product identical to another brand, only at a lower price. Not to say ALL companies held this ambition to beat out the other (without any appreciation for creative progress I might add), however, there was another problem.

What used to be a modest selection in skin care products offered by companies are now an overblown measureless variety of merchandise for the consumer to choose from all without much differentiation and more importantly, benefit. Instead of just one valuable cream for your entire face you are now bombarded with an endless list of “miracle products” that are claimed as a necessity for any woman to receive a certain measure of skin care advantage. This unnecessary attempt at companies to add newness to their line has really just created a baffling experience for the consumer without much gain.

And then one day it hit her. Linda was rushing to the drugstore before it closed to replenish her household toothpaste and upon scanning the isles she just stood their in amusement. Of what exactly? All the choices. For something so simple as toothpaste??! Mint, this brand, that brand, whitening, sensitive, and the list goes on. Why can’t we just have one that does everything!!!! And that was her epiphany—and Mèreadesso Woman was born.

It’s simple. It’s pure. And it’s EVERYTHING you need–in 3 products. That’s right.

Linda has done the brilliant and the previously impossible. She has packed every single beneficial ingredient that your skin could possibly need from exotic botanicals, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and powerful anti-oxidants to create a line that is humbly irreplaceable. You get a cleanser, a face + neck toning gel (which is also your moisturizer) and your body cream. Oh and she has also created this Fab product for your lips called Lip Treats–they’re heavenly and give a new meaning to soft (but I’m going to owe them a more thorough explanation in another article).

To pay some defense to her industry, however, she does inform us that what’s possible today with the presence of more advanced equipment and technology we are now able to mix a wide array of ingredients together whereas previously this wasn’t a possibility. And so when I asked about the concentration of the ingredients in Mèreadesso Woman Linda revealed that it is about achieving the right balance. More of any certain ingredient doesn’t necessarily mean the product is better…it’s more of a careful art. One thing though unlike most other products, the first ingredient IS NOT water and there isn’t any ONE miracle ingredient. Your skin is an organ and needs a variety of different means of replenishment for it to be at its most optimal level. Just imagine if you only ate carrots all day and every day–yes they’re good for you but you’re body cannot survive off them and the same goes for your skin.

From this, one important piece of advice Linda offers is to always read the label to assess a products true worth. Also to beware of fancy names such as “hyperzelex combo”  which really is just techo-babble and more of a marketng ploy to boast one product’s efficacy over another.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to speak with Linda, and a pleasure it was! I think I just might have to do some spring-cleaning and refresh my skincare counter!



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