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Skin Care Product Review: Dr. Hauschka

Before talking about what’s new for 2013, the next few days I will be looking back on various skin care regimes that I’ve had the pleasure of testing out this past year. Each with different, yet effective approaches to healthier skin–I’ve chosen to feature a few of my favorites, basically, those that have delivered most optimal results.

German Skin Care Line, Homeopathics, Natural

That being said, one of the best lines I’ve come across is Dr. Hauschka. It not only feels the most natural, it truly is–100% actually. What I found really interesting about this line is the historical method created by its founder (Dr. Rudolf Hauschka) which adopts “rhythmical processing”, a method that stabilizes the ingredients used for a period of 30 years, thereby eliminating the need for preservatives. Unless you plan on handing down your unused lotions, which I don’t think is too likely (at least I hope!), this is a perfect solution to allow our overburdened skin escape from the grasp of synthetics.

Another thing I love about this line is that it harnesses the power of nature by using the highest quality herbs and extracts that support the skin’s natural healing process. This holistic belief is one of the core principles of Naturopathic Medicine (which I am currently studying, yes, future ND here ;)), which is to support the body’s own healing power. Unlike other skin care regimens which aim to suppress inflammation and breakouts (with corticosteroids for example), the holistic approach aims to utilize an intrinsic healing process, that shouldn’t be suppressed at all.

Below are the products I tried….and love:

After Cleanser

The Clarifying Toner (a toner is a necessity after cleansing, in order to restore your skin’s pH balance), contains Echinacea, Anthyllis, Calendula, Nasturtium, Daisy, and Witch Hazel. Upon application I saw an immediate reduction in rednesss, tightening of pores, a diminished appearance of any blemishes, and a more even skin tone. Using a cottan ball to apply, I also noticed it removed any lingering makeup that wasn’t caught by my cleanser. It also smells SO fresh and my skin literally soaked it up. This can also be used as a perfect aftershave for men if you’re into sharing 🙂

Skin Care Dr. Hauschka Intensive Treatment

As part of my evening regimen I used their 28-day Intensive Treatment which promises to support the skin’s own natural cleansing and balancing process (the holistic practice we were talking about earlier 😉 ). I lightly misted my face with this treatment after the Clarifying Toner, and skipped a night cream entirely– which Dr. Hauschka recommends since at night is when your skin is regenerating the most and a cream may actually serve to hinder this process. Interestingly, Dr. Hauschka purports that regular use of night creams can actually signal the sebaceous glands to reduce their production of moisture, thereby resulting in even drier skin and the reliance of night creams over time. Not convinced at first (with all this reliance on essential “Night Creams” by much of the mainstream information available) I decided to give it a try and found that my skin in fact appeared healthier upon waking. Let me be clear though, a day cream is very important, especially during the winter months and a necessity before applying makeup! Which brings me to the Melissa Day Cream…

Skin Care Dr. Hauschka Melissa Cream

First off, this cream is light, fresh, and smells wonderful—like lemons to be exact. There seemed to be a common theme here with my skin just wanting to soak up these products. Applied in the morning after cleanser and toner, this balancing cream locks in moisture, reduces the appearance of blemishes, controls shine, and helps to create the perfect palette if you choose to apply makeup. I found it provided me with just the right amount of moisture and I loved the light, natural fragrance it emitted.

Dr.Hauschka Translucent Bronze Concentrate

Now, if I HAD to pick my favorite product this would be it. The Translucent Bronze Concentrate can be mixed with your day cream to create the perfect sun-kissed, NATURAL glow. It effortlessly reduces the appearance of any skin irregularities and with a hint of color, this is all you really need for a casual day out. This product combines natural pigments and extracts to deliver a flawless-looking face!

Skin Care Dr. Hauska Cover StickLast, but surely not least, I used the Pure Care Cover Stick to cover under-eye circles and mask any lingering irregularities. What I found to be amazing about this product is that it doesn’t just cover blemishes but contains ingredients to soothe, nourish, and eliminate them altogether (i.e. ingredients like Tea Tree, Vitamin E, Calendula–among many others).

Now I’d say that my experience with Dr. Hauschka was a rewarding one. I love their unique perspective on skin care, which is supportive and nourishing as opposed to suppressing and furthering a dependence on an ever-growing product base. Personally, I’d rather supply my skin with the tools it needs to repair itself than be fighting a constant battle of dependency!

You can read more about their outlook here.

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