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Some Cool New Items Your Dad Will Thank You For this Father’s Day!

Wondering what to get Dad for Father’s Day this year? Well I’ve got you covered when it comes to the beauty department for your old man–something he may not be so inclined to splurge on for himself! Take a look at these fantastic new items he will surely love and probably wouldn’t go out an buy on his own. And if you were thinking gift card, think again! Even though he won’t say it, everyone appreciates the thought that goes into buying a gift much much more 🙂

So lets talk hair, skin, and scent!

First, Hair:

Schwarzkopf Professional [3D]MENSION

Back in March, Schwarzkopf Professional launched its brand new men’s line, [3D]MENSION, which was a hit! NOW, beginning in May 2012 Schwarzkopf Professional will offer a LIMITED [3D]MENSION Father’s Day Gift Set that includes:

[3D]MENSION Hair & Body Shampoo, 250 ml
Exceedingly refreshing and thanks to its mild formulation equally usable for daily hair washing and as a shower gel.

[3D]MENSION Strong Hold Gel, 150 mL
Extreme hold for those razor-sharp structured styles.

[3D]MENSION Mattifying Cream, 100 mL
For strong looks with lots of structure, tangible volume and extreme matt effects.

Basically, everything your dad needs for styling his ‘do’! And he’ll love the shampoo because it can also be used as a body wash–less to think about at his age 🙂

The limited edition [3D]MENSION Father’s Day Gift Set is available for $33.25 – that’s more than 34% off the regular price of all three products and will be sold at Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons.

For further information please visit or

Next, SKIN!:


The quintessence of Lancôme skincare for visionary men…

Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] which launched in September 2011, is the first Advanced Skin Corrector for wrinkles, pores, and evenness. Since then, it has reaped dozens of awards worldwide, winning over tens of thousands of women. So how is this a present for dad you ask? Well, men have been freely borrowing it from their better halves and have readily added this serum to their skin care routine. Step 1: Shave, Step 2: Moisturize, Step 3: VISIONNAIRE!

How does it work? Lancome’s researchers were inspired by plant’s natural ability to heal itself and created the miraculous molecule [LR 2412] which is designed to “self-propel” through skin’s layers. Through this diffusion process, a series of micro-transformations is set-off causing the visible elimination of wrinkles, tightened pores, less irregularity, and ultimately smooth, flawless skin. (Sounds like mom might also steal this for herself!)

Since it has a light texture and airy fragrance, Visionnaire meets men’s expectations in every way as well as women’s, it’s virtually unisex. It’s contained within a beautiful sleek bottle with a high-tech design, a fusion of silver and malachite green, as if crossed by a laser beam. Fancy!

Now for the step 2: Moisturize!


This is the PERFECT post-shave treatment…an anti aging moisturizer that softens, conditions, AND rehydrates the skin.

“It contains active skin concentrates with the anti-oxidant power of Mushrooms and Japanese Green Tea to fight the signs of aging and protect skin from the environment. Light weight in texture, yet packs a powerful punch- Anti Aging Face Cream helps reinforce the skin so that it feels firmer, visibly smoother, and minimizes the look of lines.”

When Elizabeth Grant says “packs a powerful punch”–she means it! Check out all these strong and exceedingly beneficial ingredients in this face cream:

Torricelumn™ (Elizabeth Grant’s superior moisturizing compound, clinically tested to increase hydration levels and diminish appearance of lines and wrinkles), Aloe Vera, a natural skin moisturizer, Marine Collagen to help firm the appearance of the skin, Vitamin E, an anti oxidant and anti aging vitamin, Vitamin C, the anti aging Vitamin that helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and make the skin look more radiant, Green Tea and Mushroom extract, anti-oxidants that help rid the skin of the effects of pollution and environmental stress.
So get ready to say bye bye crow’s feet, without the botox! Dad won’t know what hit him, he will feel fantastic with this daily application and mom surely won’t complain either 😉

Now for some intense moisture (and its super cool name)…

Intensive Face Moisturizer

1.7 oz/51 ml $30

Billy Jealousy is a fun, edgy, playful (yet polished!) line (for men AND women!) dedicated to benefiting one’s appearance in every way. Each product is carefully formulated using the best skin care ingredients (avocado, sandalwood, barley, walnut… shall I go on?) in order to deliver healthy, brighter, and younger looking skin with every application. The “Assassin Intensive Face Moisturizer” is a new treatment under the brand and contains the latest bio-technologies to provide proven, efficacious results. It is rich in proteins, vitamins and antioxidants, as well as advanced extracts that reinforce the cohesion between the dermis and epidermis, thus further smoothing and hydrating skin.

Also, what I love about this product is that they formulate it without the use of common skin care irritants:

  • Paraben free
  • Colorant free
  • Fragrance free

Dad will LOVE how this cool looking cream not only feels on his skin but how smooth and supple it will look directly afterward. Mom will probably steal some too, it feels great 🙂 It will be a perfect, thoughtful gift addition!

Last, but definitely not least… he’s gotta have a FAB scent!


John Varvatos is both a visually appealing and sensationally endearing cologne that caters to the man with personal style and poise. It’s a sensuous, aromatic scent with a warm, spicy appeal with an alluring blend of Yugoslavian oak moss, pure patchouli oils and rare woods.

This unique gift set Includes:

o Eau de Toilette Spray 125ml o After Shave Gel 75ml
o Hair & Body Wash 75ml
o Signature Dopp Kit

In my opinion, this gift is great for ANY man who appreciates style and loves to smell good. It’s an incredible value for the whole set and I think a great gift for not only Dad but any man in your life!

Price: $100.00 Available: The Bay, Sears, Holt Renfrew, Murale & Sephora

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