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Somme Institute Skin Care Review

Somme Institute

5 Steps: Nourishing Cleanser, Transport, Serum, A-Bomb, and Double Defense

It’s rare to find a product line that delivers such extreme results when it comes to skin care. For some, a successful product-find is one that simply doesn’t aggravate their skin further. For others, a slight improvement is labeled a success. When I came across Somme Institute and saw the dramatic evidence of their customers’ before and after photos, I was floored by the results. Achieving everything from the disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles, repaired sun damage, improvement of discoloration and brown spots, a major reduction in acne, to a general improvement of skin tone, texture, and clarity. It is no wonder why Somme Institute has been the buzz word lately, gaining the praises of beauty fanatics everywhere!

What about this line makes it so successful for virtually any skin care problem? Well they’ve harnessed the power of 5 key vitamins: A, B3, B5, C, and E, but have also found a way for them to penetrate the skin much deeper than other products would, and at high concentrations. Namely, it’s their Patented Molecular Dispersion Technology (MDT5™) that goes skin deep, literally. With over 10 years of testing, 5000 participants, and the goal of perfect skin—Somme Institute was officially born. It also seems to be living up to its goal quite nicely. Just take a look at these dramatic results below:

Somme Institute Before & After

Fights skin deep UV damage and mature skin

Somme Institute Before and After Photos

Controls hormonal breakouts, reduces sebum production, and provides a softer, more even skin tone

Somme Institute Skin Care

Reduces discoloration and rosacea while unclogging pores

Surely, the evidence speaks for itself! What’s also nice about this line is that it has you covered from start to finish. It’s a simple routine that includes the following 5 steps in order of application:

  1. Cleanse using the Nourishing Cleanser, morning and night
  2. Exfoliate using Transport Pads (contains AHA), morning and night
  3. Serum (containing highly concentrated Vitamin C), morning and night
  4. A-Bomb Light-weight Moisturizer (with high concentrations of Vitamin A & E), morning and night
  5. SPF 30Double Defense“, applied morning or as needed

The verdict?

I tested this line on its own over a 2 month period and although I wasn’t working with any hardcore skin issues, there was definitely room for improvement. I wasn’t a stranger to hormonal breakouts once a month, a bit of redness and discoloration, as well as clogged pores. What I noticed while using this line is a gradual reduction in ALL these issues and overall, healthier skin! I am definitely impressed with the line and the simplicity of its regimen. I especially loved the Transport Pads containing AHA–it exfoliated my skin so nicely and completely cleared any makeup residue after cleansing. The serum and cream were both light-weight, unscented, and felt great. The SPF is definitely a must have in any regimen and I think level 30 is the perfect amount of protection. By the way, SPF should be used ALL year round, not just on bikini worthy days! The number 1 cause of aging comes from environmental damage/stress and this is the perfect way to slow it down. All in all I’m impressed with this line and love that it penetrates deep into each dermal layer. If you think about it, the top layer of your skin is a tough barrier to break and gets sloughed off daily. By not reaching the deeper layers, you aren’t really correcting anything and are potentially just wasting expensive product. So thumbs up at Somme Institute for their groundbreaking skin care technology!!

For more information on this line feel free to visit the Somme Institute website and connect with them on Facebook & Twitter. If anyone else has tried this line, feel free to leave a comment about your experience below 🙂

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