Sunday , 18 March 2018
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Spring 2011 Colours

So the trend this Spring seems to be bright and bold! Colours are complimentary with soft blues and purples alongside vibrant orange, pink, and yellows with a neutral silver tone. Take a look below at some of these gorgeous hues off the runway…

Beeswax adds a cheerful splash to your outfit and fits nicely into a variety of colour schemes.

Similar to Beeswax, this juicy hue is a fabulous choice. It’s fun, energetic, and bold!

Honeysuckle is THE chosen colour of Spring 2011, wear it proud.

Sophisticated, beautiful, and feminine…charmingly warms the eye.

This part of the Spring palette offers a splash of nature. Described as a crisp blue-green with a shade of mint.

A deeper, yet brighter turquoise with a more saturated element. This colour is said to compliment your look by opening your eyes, whitening your smile, and neutralize redness in your skin tone.

Represented as this season’s beige, it’s comprised of tans, caramels, and saddle browns. This classic colour is eye-catching and fabulous.

A cool blue-grey with deliciously light undertones. A multifaceted hue, it can paired with white for a light look or even a deep purple for a stronger statement.

Described as a trans-seasonal colour for 2011, this shade is delicate, light, and airy offering a classy sophisticated look to its wearer.

Look forward to finding these vibrant colours in stores this Spring and embrace them into your style 🙂

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