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Spring 2013 Skin and Beauty Essentials

Although it may not seem like it, Spring is just around the corner 🙂 and I’ve got a few hot new skin care and beauty essentials to get you ready! From the most talked about anti-aging serum that just hit the market, an organic deep hydrating eye & lip treatment, a rejuvenating mask that re-activates your skin’s intrinsic functions, to Technicolor–a highly pigmented eye shadow palette from Make Up For Ever, Laura Mercier’s Spring 2013 Arabesque collection, TANDA mē’s secret to hairless skin, and a few of my favorite skin-saving foods!

Clarins Double Serum® [Hydric + Lipidic System]

On February 1st, Clarins launched their new ‘groundbreaking’ serum that they claim is unparalleled in the industry. It’s a Complete Age Control Concentrate that both targets and reactivates the 5 vital functions from which youthful, radiant skin depends on. It’s also recommended as THE essential treatment for every skin type 
from age 25 onward, while being the culmination of 27 years in anti‑aging expertise. Considering that this is a BIG deal for Clarins (and skin care at large), they made their launch equally exciting!

Take a look at the fun way I was delivered this product…

Clarins Double Serum

First with a set of keys in a chic little tin case–capturing my curiosity without yet unveiling the surprise.

The significance of these mysterious symbols I later found out to be the 5 functions that mark the vitality of the skin (and in fact all living organisms) which are: hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection, regeneration. It is these 5 functions which the serum serves to re-activate at an unprecedented level…sounds major!

Clarins Double Serum 2

Then a few days later as my initial note indicated, I receive my surprise box which my new set of keys would unlock. Inside was this breakthrough double serum with a fancy USB key attached, allowing me to explore all of the research behind its creation. And boy, is there a lot!! Clarins Double Serum Spring 2013

The top interesting points about this serum I found to be as follows:

  • It is the one and only anti-aging treatment on the market that addresses all 5 of the vital skin functions mentioned above at such a high level
  • boosts hydration by over 75%* and for up to 4 hours after application
  • increases the speed
 at which nutrients penetrate 
the skin cells
  • improves cell oxygenation
  • stimulates the activity of 2 genes 
involved in skin protection
  • boosts production of collagen and glycosaminoglycans,
 which are responsible for skin firmness and density
  • the Hydric + Lipidic System provides optimum concentrations of its ingredients to skin cells
  • includes 20 plant extracts rigorously selected for their skin boosting functions as well as hyaluronic acid with double molecular weight and phytosphingosine

Phew! Too much science? Basically, this lovely gel is purported to firm up your skin, smooth away wrinkles, reduce pore size, even out skin tone AND you can use it as a preventative measure beginning at age 25. You also don’t have to wait long–the results will begin instantly.

My Verdict:

I’ve been using this serum for the past 2 weeks, morning and night as the last part of my regimen. My thoughts? It smells and feels fresh & floral (not that yucky chemical smell of some serums–you just know that can’t be good), it goes on light and seems to better lock in my moisturizer. Moreover, my skin does in fact feel and look tighter. By the way, I can tell this because I am usually right up against the mirror checking these things out! I also love that its not greasy and I don’t mind having it as an extra step, especially since I want all the prevention that I can get (I just turned 25…eek!). Jk 😉

In the press kit they also had this rather convincing chart, displaying the product’s efficacy from the satisfaction of 197 women who tried it.

Clarins Double Serum Research

So, is it a Spring 2013 essential? Absolutely, in fact I’ll take it year-round. 🙂

Naturopathica Primrose Eye & Upper Lip Treatment Cream

Since we’ve secured protection to our face and neck with the double serum–it’s also important to pay necessary attention to the areas which are even MORE sensitive. Next on my list of skin essentials for Spring is the natural and ultra-rich cream that protects the fine skin around your eyes and upper lip. These are the two areas that are first to wrinkle and therefore deserve additional care. This cream from Naturopathica (a holistic New York company that is both certified natural and organic) harnesses the powers of nature using key botanicals and oils to restore suppleness while fighting the appearance of the much undesired “crow’s feet”.

Naturopathica Evening Primrose Treatment


My Verdict:

It’s rich, extremely soothing, and my skin just seems to soak it right up. At age 25 I don’t have many lines so for me I noticed complete hydration, something that the dry winter air has been stealing from my pores–making it all the more useful. It was creamy so you didn’t need much at all and I also found it helpful as a primer to my eye makeup. Due to the fact that its extremely hydrating there is much less opportunity for creasing. It doesn’t have a scent to it and you can just feel how natural it is–a great feeling I’ve come to really appreciate.

Some of its key ingredients are Evening Primrose Oil (full of GLA’s), Acai Fruit Oil (Omega 6’s, 9’s, Vitamin C, antioxidants, phytosterols, polyphenols…so much goodness!), Bisabolol (extracted from Chamomile–an anti-irritant), and Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline (don’t worry, it come from a plant and it reinforces those much desired collagen fibers).

This is my second time reviewing a product from Naturopathica, the first being the Vitamin C Revitalizing Complex (a summer must ;).

Dr. Hauschka’s Rejuvenating Face Mask

The last, but equally important solution I have to ease your skin into Spring is the new rejuvenating face mask by Dr. Hauschka, which sort of acts like a clean-up crew after the winter’s damaging effects. This killer combo of {natural} ingredients has the power to do the following:

  • Soften acne scars
  • Normalise dry, pale skin with large pores
  • Stimulate dry skin to produce more moisture
  • Stimulate pale, depleted skin after stress or illness (a common winter peril)
  • Moisturize and soothe sensitive, reddened skin
  • Improve the blood circulation, relax and decongest inflamed skin
  • Intensive care after sun exposure (which means this is an asset straight into summer)

It basically works to reactivate the skin’s own natural repair mechanisms, which is treating the cause–something that should be addressed FIRST! By the way, this is why I love Dr. Hauschka. This line is formulated in a holistic approach instead of merely a symptom based one. You can read my review on more of their product line and philosophy here. 🙂

Over time and due to the environmental elements (wind, sun, etc.) our natural skin care mechanisms get weakened and what this does is act as an intensive treatment to boost it back to normal function. By doing so, pores get minimized, complexion gets smooth and firm, blemishes are reduced, and there is increased vitality.


My Verdict:

Texture was smooth and surprisingly light since its a mask. Felt very refreshing and sort of cooling, it also didn’t become hard as it dried–instead my skin seemed to absorb most of the product. This makes sense since you can actually dab it onto acne scars and wear it under your makeup for the day to help heal them. After 30 mins, I didn’t rinse the mask but rather wiped it off with a damp cloth and each time it revealed a MUCH more hydrated aftermath. Usually during the cold I have to be sure to slap on the moisturizer, but with this routine I haven’t seen any part of my face dry out! A+ 😀

Make Up For Ever’s Technicolor Palette $50

Now that we have radiant skin covered, how about some beautiful Spring 2013 hues? Make Up For Ever has just launched their TECHNICOLOR Palette which contains 3 bright statement colors (including Yellow–the “it” color of the season, as well as Apple Green, and Turquoise) along with 5 classic shades (Lilac, Black, White, Espresso, and Beige). Make Up For Ever’s Creative and Artistic director Dany Sanz, formulated this palette because he was interested in saturated color and highly pigmented images. Channeling the 1930s cinematic transition from black to white motion picture, he choose bold monochromatic colors that can be layered for intensity. Just take a look at this combined use of the TECHNICOLOR palette below:


How’s that for vibrant Spring color?!

Now you may not want to go as dramatic so the versatility of the palette’s colors lets you decide on the shade that best reflects your mood, while also controlling for intensity. So far, I’ve really enjoyed using the classic shades espresso and beige, while adding a few strokes of yellow to line my eyes as they did in the picture above. It adds that pop of color you may be looking for while not being too overstated. I also carry the palette around with me because adding the black to my eyelid crease as I transition from day to night adds the dramatic smokey eye I love. Depending on my outfits this Spring, I’ll be interchanging between green, lilac, and turquoise as a liner in the same fashion I used the yellow in order to add more style to my look.


My Verdict:

I found this product easy to apply and loved that it came with its own brushes–perfect for travel and touch-ups! Each color went on light and as I layered them I had full control over how dramatic each shade would appear. So basically, you can go for a subtle hue or full on saturated effect. I think its perfect for Spring 2013 because it embodies all of the colors of the season as well as your classic must-have shades!

Laura Mercier’s Spring 2013 Arabesque Collection

The limited edition Arabesque collection hit shelves in January, with the theme of soft and sweet hues to enhance natural beauty. It’s line includes: Free Spirit Baked Eye Color Palette, Arabesque Shade Crème Smooth Lip Color, Nail Lacquer in En Pointe, Eye Pencil in Stone Grey, Oleander & Praline Permanent Crème Cheek Color, Bare Pink Lip Glacé, Mulberry & Shy Pink Lip Stain, and Black Faux Lash Mascara

The look is “soft and fresh, shades are a poetic blend of pinks, blues and neutrals, lips, cheeks and nails look softly romantic, highlighted in subtle pinks, eyes wear a gentle palette of semi-matte shades, with a gradation of colours from blue to blush.” Basically,  it’s a look that’s sweet, romantic and absolutely serene.  This photo below by Laura Mercier completely captures that essence:


I tried the nail lacquer and permanent Crème Cheek Color in both Oleander and Praline–now I’m lusting for the rest of this line.

Laura Mercier Limited Edition Shade Nail Lacquer in En Pointe $18

This soft pink is so lovely and translucent–capturing the natural beauty this line is all about. I like wearing it alone or with a soft white french tip. It goes on easily and dries quickly, not only making me feel like a PRO but ecstatic that I didn’t smudge it either (I tend to get restless).


Permanent Crème Cheek Color in Oleander and Praline $24

Ohhh my!! I’ve never experimented with a CREME cheek color before and with just a touch, these warm hues add a stunning, healthy glow to ANY complexion. These shades fit together beautifully and compliment the entire Arabesque look. I add the Oleander to the apples of my cheeks and the Praline just blended upwards on my cheekbone. It’s such a soft, radiant touch for morning or night. I’m in LOVE.


TANDA Hair Removal System for Face

As you may know, I’ve been an advocate of the TANDA mē Hair Removal System as it is a permanent hair removal solution that you can do in the comfort of your own home, with the effectiveness of a laser. My previous reviews can be found here and here where you can read all about its goodness :). Recently, they came out with an attachment for facial hair removal since the face is much different from the rest of our body and therefore deserves the extra care. For instance, skin on the face and neck is more likely to be exposed daily to the sun’s UV radiation (even in the winter!) making it increasingly sensitive. This new attachment accommodates for this increased sensitivity and allows you engage with its use–worry free. 🙂

Tanda me face


My Verdict:

It’s a smaller and more focused attachment and therefore easier to guide. It works just as amazing as the entire TANDA mē system whilst ensuring that the precious skin on your face and neck is adequately protected. It also doesn’t hurt one bit…you will just feel a lingering warm sensation after you “zap” each area. This is a Spring 2013 necessity because UV rays will be stronger and if you are going to use permanent hair removal for face (I mean what other kind of hair removal even compares??) this should be IT!

Beautiful Skin Foods


Ahhh food! Anyone who knows beauty knows that it starts from within. I’ve compiled a list of a few of my favorite skin foods and how they have the power to make you glow.

  • 1-2 Tbsp of straight Extra Virgin Olive Oil per day will keep skin supple while preventing UV damage. How? It’s high in essential fatty acids which are required for cell membranes. Oh and don’t worry about the fat content, healthy fats like this in moderation are actually shown to prevent obesity.
  • Tomato {paste/sauce} which is high in lycopene has the power to boost collagen and prevent sun burns. It IS important to have it cooked in paste or sauce form because it doesn’t get absorbed by the body in the same way if eaten raw (ND facts ;)).
  • Strawberries are POTENT in Vitamin C (1 cup has 130% of the daily requirement). This will also boost the production of collagen fibers, keeping your skin firm and wrinkle free.
  • Eggs contain the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin which will offer 4-fold UV protection as well as improve skin hydration, softness, and firmness.
  • Apples which are high in QUERCITIN (a beautiful agent that also acts as an anti-histamine–amaze for those with spring time allergies), this will protect from the suns harmful UVB rays. Oh and make sure you eat the peel too.
  • Soy {in the form of soy beans, tofu, or tempeh–NOT the average carcinogen ridden beverage} helps to smooth out fine wrinkles and increase skin firmness due to its “aglycone” component (a soy isoflavone).
  • Almonds–HIGH in Vitamin E, a well known antioxidant for skin health. I wouldn’t recommend jumping to a supplement form though (always consult your doctor before taking a supplement) since food always contains additional flavonoids and constituents that are required by the body to boost skin health. A handful of almonds a day will go a long way 🙂

So that’s it for my current Spring 2013 Skin and Beauty Essentials! Cheers to hoping it gets here soon 🙂


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  1. There are different kinds of masks (e.g. cactus, cucumber, etc.) for different purposes: deep-cleansing, by penetrating the pores; healing acne scars or hyper-pigmentation; brightening, for a gradual illumination of the skin tone. Some masks are designed to dry or solidify on the face, almost like plaster; others just remain wet. *,*-

    Look into our very own web site too

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