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Spring/Summer 2012 Fitness Gear, Behind the Scenes Yoga Shoot with Gillian B, and Wellness Tips!

There are countless benefits to practicing yoga which ultimately improve all aspects of one’s lifestyle and level of wellness. With consistent training, one will experience increased physical tone, mental clarity, new found energy, reduced stress, improved balance, peace, and an overall sense of invigoration. Dedication to ANY form of exercise is essential to an enhanced quality of life, however, what I especially love about yoga is that it incorporates so many levels of physical and mental depth that can only be realized through total commitment and ongoing perseverance. Last month I had the opportunity to be a part of Gillian B‘s (Wellness Consultant and Yoga Teacher) yoga video while rocking the latest lululemon Fitness Apparel! She shared with us some helpful wellness tips and guides us into a few essential yoga poses… check out the video below:

Dancers pose is one of my favorites 😀

Anyhow, I thoroughly enjoyed her expertise and it serves as a great reminder to the significant changes yoga can bring into your daily life. Now another thing I really LOVE about yoga is the trendy outfits that go with it! lululemon has been my yoga companion since I started not only because their apparel is effortlessly flattering but also extremely comfortable and ever so practical. They carefully choose their fabrics to offer lightweight yet durable pieces that let your body BREATHE, keep you DRY, and stay ever so SNUG. So not only are you going to become more healthy and fit, but you can look and feel good doing it!

Here are some behind the scenes pictures from the shoot:

Irina (left) and Myself–Pay Attention!! 😉

Preparing for Pigeon Pose!

Tree Pose– It’s all about the balance! Be sure that the heel of your foot is above your knee so as not to put pressure on your kneecaps!

Irina (left) and Myself–Having Some Fun with Dancers Pose!

2 Bridges, the Splits, and a leg lift!

Pigeon Pose–Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. This exercise allows you to open your hips which will prevent lower back pain, or knee and hamstring injuries.

Pigeon Posing–Feels sooo good. Stress and tension naturally go to your hips so it’s very important to give your body some relief, you will feel the effects immediately!

In this shoot I am wearing:

RUN: Chase Me Tank By lululemon

and RUN: Inspire Crop II By lululemon

Later that week I decided to take Gillian B’s yoga techniques outdoors for a successful workout of my own 😀 When the weather is nice I think it’s such a great idea to take your workout outside since you can enjoy the added benefits of having fresh air and nature’s healing properties. I ended up doing laps on the field (a great warm-up to get your heart rate going and is always better to do on grass rather than a hard, flat surface in order to avoid knee splints), lunges (for that yogabooty ;)), and a few essential yoga poses that I love:

Eagle Pose– There are SO many benefits to Eagle pose which include:

  • Stronger arms, legs, knees and ankles
  • Open shoulder joints, creating space between the shoulder blades
  • Open hips and IT band
  • Increased circulation to all joints
  • Improved digestion and elimination
  • Improved balance and focus

For a more advance eagle pose, bend forward keeping your stomach inward while keeping your balance.

Reverse Warrior: Stretches the side of the torso and arm, opens the hips and builds lower body strength.

Open your chest!!

When lunging make sure your knee does not go past your foot! Maintaining a 90 degree angle is key to preventing injury when doing lunges.

Just Me!

 In these last few photos I am wearing:

Manifesto LS long sleeved sheer shirt by lululemon–so smooth, light, and comfortable!

Scuba Hoodie by lululemon–perfect for after the sun goes down, you will NOT get chilly with this cozy get-up!

Run: Inspire Crop II pants by lululemon–it will wrap your legs perfectly and let you tackle any movement!

For a complete demonstration on how to do these poses on your own as well as build your own sequences with Gillian B’s sequence builder, you can do that for free Here.

To vote for Gillian as trainer of the year 2012, Click Here.

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