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Successful Self-Dentistry – Is it Possible?

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Living Libations – Holistic Dental Care

Had you asked me this a year ago, I would have responded otherwise – never missing my 6 month dental check-up and priding myself for it. This past year however, I’ve been coming to several profound realizations about life and exactly how much we need {this is another big topic}. Regarding dentistry however, it’s only been in the last several years that I’ve refused the horrid fluoride rinse and delaying my timing between x-rays, as I began to ask questions about what is really necessary. As a child, I even remember being subjected to a greedy dentist who claimed I needed fillings {when I did not}. Knowing that I was taking great care of myself as a 13 year-old, I was kind of furious. I then insisted that my parents take me to another dentist, who later claimed my teeth were in an exceptional state, it was then that my internal radar began to awaken. I, like most people, have grown up in a society where you are supposed to trust the professionals and adhere to the system. Where actually, you need to trust yourself, ask questions, and make your own informed decisions. 

Now this article is not to turn you off seeing a dentist entirely, but to encourage you to seek out the right information and motivate you to take your health into your own hands. There are some great holistic dental practitioners out there who will actually steer you in the proper direction and have you relying on as minimal dental care as possible. You just have to know how to find them, what questions to ask, and how to successfully care for your own teeth at home!

This brings me to my recent experience with Living Libations, and an entirely new concept to me – successful self-dentistry. To give you a bit of a background, Living Libations was founded by true sense visionary (and downright goddess), Nadine Artemis – who had been asking herself the right questions years ago. Not only is she helping to revolutionize the skin care industry with her organic collection of rare oils and elixers, she is also paving the way for a new type of dentistry which returns the power of health back to it’s rightful owner – YOU. I can probably go on all day about how amazing this woman is, so I urge you to check out her website where you’ll find her full collection and links to informative videos and resources.

As I’ve been saying, her book “Holistic Dental Care” has radically changed my view on dentistry and provides so much hope in the prevention of virtually EVERY dental disease! That’s right folks, you do NOT EVER need to get a root canal, fillings, or endure gum disease. She’s also got some progressive support from the industry, here’s a statement I admire:

“Someday, hopefully soon, the dental profession will become extinct…It will happen as soon as the public learns about the cause and cure of cavities and gum problems. No one I’ve ever known in over thirty years has not wanted to solve their own problems…once they know how.” – Robert O. Nara, DDS

Being a year away from graduating as a Naturopathic Doctor, my vision is not to have an office full of sick people, but to show others how not to get sick, EVER. It’s truly possible.

I can keep going on and on, but I’d rather urge you to check out Nadine’s book and immerse yourself in real information. I’ve also been using her oral care products and they are simply life changing, like a breath (no pun intended) of fresh air. It’s what I’ve been looking for my entire life. You’ll also realize some major things you may have been doing wrong (myself included). Here’s a short clip of Nadine explaining the successful way to achieve white teeth (and it has nothing to do with harmful whitening products as you may have thought):


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