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Sultry Waves Hair Tutorial


                                Photo Credit: Taz Hair Co.

With the holiday party season in full swing, sultry waves are a chic and sexy evening look. Not only will this style have you looking your very best, it’s incredibly easy to achieve. All you need are a few simple tools and tips straight from the pros to get that gorgeous sultry wave look {pictured above}. Here’s how to re-create it!


  • Brush – to remove all tangles
  • Blow-dryer – to begin with great volume
  • Gator Clips – to separate sections
  • Curling Iron {with glove, optional} – for sexy waves
  • Hair Oil – to break up curls and add a touch of shine
  • Hairspray – to set the look

STEP 1 – DRY: Rough dry hair removing 80% of moisture, starting at top pushing against the natural fall of the hair to create volume. Continue this technique through drying process, using your brush to guide your roots in the opposite direction for added lift.

STEP 2 – CURL: Separate hair from top to bottom as shown, and secure with a clip. Then, “Start at the back of the head using vertical sections from bottom to top. Wrap hair like a ribbon around the iron leaving 1” of the hair on the ends uncurled.” Be sure to allow this bit of hair to remain uncurled, as this is a key feature of the look. Sections are also slightly elevated to create volume.

Sultry-waves-BTSSTEP 3 – FINISH: “Using a small amount of an oil based product, use finger tips to gently break up and separate curls to achieve this look. Finish with a light touch of hair spray.”

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