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Summer Makeup Solutions!

Guest Author: Diane Johnson

Summer is a tough time for style and makeup. Almost every city and town in the United States has temperatures in the 90s-100 Fahrenheit and the heat and sun can wreak havoc on the best-laid make up plans. With good planning, and a little help, you can make it through looking fantastic.
This year, glistening and energetic lips and eye shadows are chic as are bronzers, tanned skin, and summer dresses. Here are some tips and products that will help get you through looking great.

Make sure to use waterproof make up when you can, especially when you are on the beach. Humidity and water can make your face smudgy and shiny, and can cause a total make-up ruin. Use waterproof make-up when you are at the beach or out during the day and you will save yourself many problems.

If you have Oily skin, try a matte finish or oil free makeup. It is okay to have your nails, lips, and eye shadow shimmering, but you want to keep a subtle face and cheeks and have as little makeup as possible during the summer, especially foundation and primer. Try not to stay in the sun too long, or at least not direct sunlight. Make-up can only do so much, and sun damage and sunburn make using make-up of any kind a pain.

• Try metallic eye shadow. It looks great during the day and livens up your eyes. Bright vivid colors are absolutely in right now and help to bring out your eye color and look exciting. Bobbi Brown has a great selection of fun and lively colors to perk up up your summer look.

• Bobbi Brown almost bare make up. The Bobbi Brown line is wonderful for summer time. Not only is it stylish and up to date, but it is also lightweight, high quality and natural looking. Remember the lighter the better. Your skin is going to be darker during the summer and it is going to be hot, especially if you are spending a lot of time outside.

• Try Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Sun Glow Powder Bronzer. This bronzing powder is amazing and fits the mood and warmth of summer. Remember to evenly dust and not over use on your face. If over used, it can look intentional and can really draw attention away from your eyes and lips.

• Sally Hansen citrus high gloss lip stick. It is appealing and electric and combined with metallic eye shadow and natural bronzer, this gives you a vibrant look that manages a little elegance with excitement.

• Finish off the look with glittered nail polish. These are easy to find and there are too many brands to name. Light colors with gloss are a great way to add some flare. Even silver or near clear polish with a bit of glitter added in are fun ways to compliment your summer season.

About the author: Diane Johnson primarily writes about online classes and anything else that interests her. She enjoys traveling, reading, and shopping.


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