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Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

Because of the increasing dependency on foreign skilled workers, many lovers and families are forced into long distance relationships for economic reasons. While conventional wisdom says that distance can be the greatest divide for lovers, there are many though that survived and even strengthened their love for one another despite the absence.

Here are some tips that lovers have been able to overcome which you can use should your loved one choose to work in a faraway land for some time.

  • Enjoy Life. Your world does not stop just because the one you love is not beside you. You can still have fun with friends, go out and have new experience. You can even get a new hobby or even explore possibilities.
  • Share your Feelings. When you miss the one you love, it is important to let it out and not bottle it up. Tell your loved one, either by phone, chat or email how you feel about their absence. Let them know the highs and lows and that you keep them in your thoughts as you go about your day.
  • Have a Support System. Since your best friend is not by your side, you need to have someone to be there in case of emergencies or even an episode of loneliness. Establishing ties with friends and family can help you cope with your long distance relationship.
  • Trust. Trust is important in any relationship and more so in a long distance relationship. Don’t be suspicious of your loved one’s hours and activities. If jealousy does come in, discuss it with your loved one and find ways so that this cannot become another problem in your already difficult relationship.
  • Respect Time. Since both of you are living life, there are many things requiring the time of the other person. It is important to set aside time to share with each other in each day. If the other person has an activity at that time, find another time to share with one another to keep in touch and be there for your lover.
  • Let Go. You need to let go of the small irksome matters between you and your lover because of your current situation. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you become frustrated, just let it pass and not take it out on your loved one. Always remember that this is only a stop over and not the destination of your love affair.
  • Overcome Insecurities. If you feel romantic or raunchy, then go all out. Be experimental and show how much you want and yearn for one another even over the distance. Don’t be shy to be intimate with your loved one, as absence makes the heart grow fonder.

  • Do a Common Activity. Make dates even when you are apart to spend time and have common experiences even when apart. Many watch movies online and share thoughts through chats. Others do online games when they can just so you can share time with one another even when apart.
  • Plan ahead. Since you both know that the separation is just a temporary arrangement, do plan ahead how you can spend the time when you are physically together. Making these arrangements can only wet the appetite and look forward to the return of your loved one.

As you can see, the distance should not be a detriment to sharing your life with your loved one. With this situation, you can still enjoy your life apart and together. From there you can only strengthen the bonds of love and look forward to happy ending in one another’s arms soon enough.

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