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SweetGrass Spa Toronto

SweetGrass-spa-torontoChampagne bubbly, ozonated swimming pool, infrared sauna, fine culinary delights, and supreme pampering?

This is only a few of the enticements to visiting Toronto’s luxury women’s-only spa, which is nothing short of spectacular. On Thursday, I had the most relaxing morning and beautiful manicure at SweetGrass Spa. What I’d call a “princess mani”, it was no doubt an experience fit for royalty, as was the entire place.

Entering this hidden sanctuary, I was immediately taken in by its wave of peaceful tranquility. There is no hustle-bustle here, in fact, I felt like I had the entire place to myself. It is purposefully organized so there are no disruptions to its relaxing patrons, while also being equipped to handle groups of 80!

It’s a complete oasis with the finest amenities and services, you’ll want to spend an entire day to soak it all in. What’s great is that it also caters to the business savvy woman, having a separate tech lounge for checking/sending emails and web surfing. You won’t care to do that for long, however. A warm, ozonated swimming pool awaits along with a luxurious hot tub and infrared sauna.


Sitting in that sauna will have you feeling 10 lbs lighter in minutes. But, feel like burning a few extra calories without the sweat? There is an underwater treadmill. Ah-mazing.

This beautiful area is also surrounded with plush layout chairs for the perfect downtime. During the winter months especially, this makes for a stellar getaway from the harsh outdoor temperatures. I know I’ll be heading here for an escape!

Sweetgrass-spa-maniBack to my world-class mani, which was the service I came to experience. Not only was it done so meticulously and spot-on perfect–from every cuticle to flawless shaping, buffing, and smoothing. There is no way I could have done such an impeccable job myself (and I’ve had tons of practice).

I went for a soft white (slightly translucent) from OPI called “Funny sweetgrass-spa-manicureBunny” and a white shimmer also from OPI on my index finger. It turned out to be such a beautiful combo! A neem oil from Dr. Hauschka was also applied to my nails (which I learned to be anti-fungal, anti-septic, and strengthening). I was told its also a great idea to apply regularly if your nails are prone to breaking like mine (I wash my hands a lot and this causes them to dry out).

Oh and did I mention the wide array of indulgences available? From a vast selection of herbal teas, fruit juices, champagne, cocktails, citrus-infused waters, a wicked cappucino, and a 5-star menu from GEORGE restaurant next door…all your needs are covered. You can easily treat yourself to a day of total bliss here and even prep for a big night ahead. Makeup applications and blow-drys are offered at a very decent rate.

A complete makeup junkie myself, I took some time to peruse their tools and was even gifted a few items to try–all of which are insanely good products.


  • Medico B5 Hydra Serum: water-based and applied for additional hydration post-moisturizer–each molecule holds 1000 times its weight in moisture!
  • Hi-def Foundation: full coverage without the weight, feels like silk and will have you flawless for your closeup. This stuff is a DREAM.
  • Bronzer: a beautiful matte bronze, no shimmer, looks completely natural and will provide a gorgeous tan with zero shine. Especially a must for fall–where you’d want less of a golden and more of a brown.
  • Rouge Lipstick: ummm, most beautiful coral ever? They have a wide range of stunning hues that are all enriched with vitamin E so they won’t cake your lips. This was my favorite shade although there are so many beautiful colours to choose from.

If you’re a woman looking for a fantastic all-day spa (or even just some quick rejuvenation), I definitely encourage you to check them out! I was overly impressed by my experience and would pay every penny to try it again. It’s also a wonderful way to spend a day with your girlfriends. Next on my list? Definitely the Oxygen Maintenance Facial 😀

For more, check out a complete list of all their wonderful treatments!

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