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Why Tabatha says “not to over do it”, the Toronto ABA Hairshow, and Her Runway Favorites in our Exclusive Interview!

Tabatha Coffey, TV personality sensation and renowned hairstylist, has taken the beauty industry by storm! She is the star of Tabatha Takes Over, going into its fourth season on Slice, and memoir author of “It’s Not Really About The Hair,” with her specialized reach only growing. Her presence this past April 2012 at the Toronto ABA hair show attracted thousands of hairstylists and beauty fans alike, grasping at her valuable words of wisdom! She really is a Shear Genius 😉

What’s even more exciting is that she took the time to answer our questions and reveal to us her hair styling secrets! Take a peek below to see how our interview went:

E.B: What are some of your favorite Spring/Summer 2012 Hair trends?

Tabatha: I thought there were some great looks that came from the runways this season. I loved some of the bold bright colors the retro undone waves, the braids and loose updo’s. I liked seeing a revival of some iconic styles executed in a modern fresh way that are wearable, inspirational and a nod to the past.

E.B: How do you feel about the new wet hair styling that has been trending the runway?

Tabatha: I think it’s great for the runway. We have all been guilty of hitting the snooze button and running out the door with wet hair to save time but the runway trend actually takes work and the right product so will it catch on in mainstream my guess is not so much, except for those that are chronically late!

E.B: In what direction do you think hairstyling will progress in the next 5 or 10 years?

Tabatha: I think consumers are realizing that trends are great for inspiration and ideas but solving hair issues and working with what you have and making it YOUR best is the way clients are going. Time is short for all of us, and clients are looking at solving their hair problems and  getting results quickly and easily. Technology is always improving in the haircare industry and I think we will see major breakthroughs in how we approach those issues. I also feel that hairdressers are looking and different ways to offer clients services that fit in with their lifestyle and finances and still help build them a strong loyal business.

E.B: In your opinion, which celebrity hairstyle is most appealing? Or who wears their style the best?

Tabatha: I think many celebrities have great hair but what people have to remember is behind that great hair is a great team of stylists!

E.B: In your experience, what are the top 3 hair tips you could recommend that would preserve beautiful, healthy hair?

Tabatha: To not over do it too much is just too much and can comprise the integrity and health of the hair.

To use a great haircare regime for your hair type and to that your hair kindly and moisturize it well to protect it from environmental and chemical damage.

To make sure you see a professional to get regular trims and color services done properly, not trimming the ends and over processing it with color, straighteners and chemical will destroy the condition and quality of your hair.

And finally realize that stress can not only show in how you feel it can also show in your hair.

E.B: You’ve had a pretty interesting television career to date, what is one of your most mortifying experiences when shooting Tabatha Takes Over?

Tabatha: I don’t have mortifying experiences I have stressful ones. I take helping turn business around very seriously and when I fell I am not getting through to someone or things may not change I take that very seriously and work very hard to try and help make the changes that need to be made to help.

E.B: Since your childhood and teenage years, have you always had a passion for hair?

Tabatha: I have always been passionate about hair and it started when I was very young. I started my formal hairdressing training when I was 14 years old  in Australia and after my 4 year apprentice program moved to London to retrain and further my education. I am still as passionate about hair and the industry as the day I started.

E.B: What are some common mistakes people make when it comes to daily styling?

Tabatha: The common mistakes I encounter are people overusing products or using the wrong product so the hair isn’t responding the way you want it to. Also having unrealistic expectations of what their hair can and can’t do. For me it all starts with a great cut that is easy to style works for your hair type and can be versatile so you don’t become bored.

E.B: What are some must-have hair products that you think are worth splurging on?

Tabatha: A great shampoo and conditioner and the right styling product. Tools are also really important having the right brushes, flatiron and blow-dryer really make a difference and can be totally underrated sometimes.

E.B: How do you feel about Dry Shampoo? Is there real value to all the craze?

Tabatha: I love it Dry Shampoo can be amazing for many different reasons.

it can refreshen hair, add volume to fine limp hair, and save you from a bad hair day.

E.B: All of your fans praise your direct honesty (including myself!)… is there any extra advice or qualms you’d like to share with our readers?

Tabatha: I believe honesty is the best policy. For me it is about standing up for what you believe in,setting boundaries, having integrity, trusting your gut and following your heart. I also believe in being honest with myself so that I can learn and grow as a professional and a person.

E.B: You’ve been involved in some amazing charitable work lately—is there any way our readers can get involved?

Tabatha: Absolutely and thank you for asking, I do a lot of work with Anti Bullying campaigns and cancer organizations. for me it’s about finding a charity I believe in and doing what I can to help them and sometimes people don’t realize that it’s not about donating thousands of dollars it’s about support and help and giving what you can to pay it forward. The best way to become involved is to take the first step and become involved with what you feel passionate about because we can all help.

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