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Wine Tasting with Sommelier Courtney Henderson

Just when I thought I knew a great deal about wine (since it’s a much loved past time), Sommelier Courtney Henderson proved that understanding the beautiful art of wine can take YEARS and exceptionally fine-tuned senses. Needless to say, her exclusive wine tasting at the Vintage Conservatory in Toronto was quite the exceptional evening. Being a wine lover I eagerly ... Read More »

Meet Our Newest Trendy Collaborator

I’m so excited to announce our first official collaborator for! A beautiful personality and fantastic writer, Ashley will be sharing with us her thoughts and tips on all things beauty, lifestyle, and fashion on a weekly basis! As a freelance writer, Ashley has had the opportunity to share her knowledge and wits in many fashion and beauty publications (including ... Read More »

Beauty Comes Down to the Spine?

Does all this fuss about beauty really all boil down to one thing? Well my recent interview with New York Orthopedic & Spinal Surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Hansraj seems to suggest so. He is the author of Keys to an Amazing Life: Secrets of the Cervical Spine and presents a convincing argument that much of what we do affects our spine ... Read More »

5 Simple Ways to Green Up Your Beauty Routine

Eco-friendly beauty

Greening up your beauty routine is not only eco-friendly but has a MULTITUDE of fantastic benefits for your skin, health, and even your pocket. You’ll cringe if you even knew half of what went into some of your favorite beauty necessities, so I’d like to show you 5 simple way to green up your routine. There are also some products ... Read More »

Get Fit For Spring: DivaGirl Conference Toronto

It’s almost here! Get ready to get fit and sassy at the 2nd annual DivaGirl Conference, which is BACK bigger & better than EVER this year. I am so thrilled to announce that I’ll be giving away 10 passes ($100 value EACH) to 5 lucky girls {2 per winner} to join me {Erica Grenci} at this exciting event. It will ... Read More »

Best Superfood Snacks: Healthy Never Tasted So Good!

As I progress into my Naturopathic Doctor training, it becomes increasingly evident that the food you eat is a TOP priority when it comes to the maintenance of good health (and all the benefits that go with it!) That being said, there are definite things you should avoid and also a number of wonderful foods to add to your diet. ... Read More »

Best Spas Around the Globe

Complete relaxation and rejuvenation in the backdrop of some of the world’s must stunning sceneries. Escaping the hurdles of everyday life to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit. Transcending the ordinary, these exceptional sanctuaries are the places you’d want to indulge yourself in. The Mezzatore Spa–Amalfi Coast, Italy This resort and spa offers a combination of surreal scenic beauty and ... Read More »

The News on Naturopathy

A Brief Introduction The rising field of naturopathic medicine is met with both curiosity and scepticism. In the West we have relied heavily upon conventional medical practice and its dependence on pharmaceuticals. Patients are accustomed to entering their physician’s office, relaying their current symptoms within a limited time frame, and sent off with a prescription. Naturopathy however, claims that the ... Read More »

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