Sunday , 18 March 2018
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Try Something New this Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful time to spread and share your love. If you are in a relationship it is a great time to show that person how much they mean to you. Write them love letters, send them heart-shaped chocolates and red roses, enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner, share a champagne jacuzzi for two and even splurge on some new ... Read More »

Who was Cleopatra?

Born in 69 B.C was a woman with incredible charm and charisma, Cleopatra. She ruled Egypt for 21 years as the last Pharaoh before Rome took over following her suicide. Interestingly, she was not an Egyptian but a Macedonian Greek descended from Ptolemy I, Greek general of Alexander the Great. With remarkable magnetism she not only captivated the hearts of ... Read More »

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