Sunday , 18 March 2018
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Tara Subkoff Spring 2013: NOT your Average Fashion Show…

During New York Fashion Week, Fashion Designer Tara Subkoff showcased her Spring 2013 line, “Imitation of Christ” in what she called “This is Not a Fashion Show.” This ‘live gallery’ as some may call it, featured women of all ages from 7…
….to seventy …
…and ALL body types from traditional model skinny…
…to women with curves (completely embracing the REAL WOMAN movement that has sparked an entirely new model culture). 
The “models” were not doing any catwalk modelling but were rather a “performer” of sorts. They each had their own wall text and were shown dressing and undressing while selecting from a pile of clothes at their feet. Subkoff intended to depict to the audience what a woman goes through while she gets ready. Putting the clothes on the floor was her way of demonstrating that the clothes were actually not even the point of this show. Models also held clear masks in front of their faces to demonstrate the social distortion of women in today’s society.
While some viewers thought of this as entirely BIZARRE, even calling it an “awkward madhouse”; HOWEVER, as the name blatently reveals, it truly wasn’t a fashion show. The whole idea was to convey a society that is “drenched in vanity, body obsession and the battle to cling on to youth.” -Dimitria Parisis
I am in love the concept of what Subkoff intended to convey, however, I’m not sure if it entices me to purchase any of the fashions. One thing I DO have to say though is that all of the model’s hair-dos from effortless to glam… look GREAT! That would be an Ode to Batiste Dry Shampoo since they were responsible for getting all of the models ready for the stage 🙂
Take a look at all the background preparations in this video:


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