Thursday , 26 April 2018
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Taste of Venice

This floating city is filled with enchantment as its stunning beauty captures all who visit. Capital of Veneto, Venezia is located within northern Italy and is considered the most beautiful city built by man. Recently seen in the motion picture The Tourist, its breathtaking architecture and famous canals set the perfect backdrop for this sultry action film. Undoubtedly a great romantic getaway, enclosed within it is an atmosphere of magnificent culture, art and extensive history. It’s elegance and refinement can be marveled at by taking a stride on its cobblestone walkways or gliding by on a canal. The beautiful of this city was even preserved during World War II as both rivaling sides refrain from its attack.

Other than the city itself, another beautiful sight is the Carnival of Venice which is held every year beginning two weeks before Ash Wednesday and ending the day before it (Shrove Tuesday). These celebratory days are found within the Catholic tradition.  This is a time for cultural and artistic expression as well as the disguise of class. All identities are hidden and everyone partakes in this mesmerizing experience. The most stunning masks are worn and a prize is given to “la maschera piu bella” (the mask that is most beautiful). This is also a time that attracts many visitors from around the world to be a part of the incredible experience.

Venice_Carnival_2009___11_by_flemmensSo if you are thinking about taking a trip to Italy, be sure to make this one of your must-see destinations. Viva Italia!

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