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The Benefits of Sleeping on Silk…

Ever thought of sleeping on silk? Well I haven’t up until now…. and WOW let me tell you what you’ve been missing! You may not have ever thought of it but sleeping on silk provides a TON of amazing skin care and beauty benefits. Overnight is when your body works overtime to rejuvenate and replenish all your resources…especially your skin. It is also the time when the expensive products you buy with fancy enzymes, botanicals, and magical healing properties are going to do their job most effectively. In light of this, wouldn’t you be as concerned about the material which you are resting your face on? (And did I mention we spend an entire third of our lives in bed?!).

So allow me to take a minute and reveal to you just how important it is to sleep on the right material–and that’s only if you like to wake up looking young and beautiful every morning? Oui?

Here is why sleeping on silk is actually a BIG DEAL:

1. Skin Love

Silk contains natural protein, cellular albumin, as well as 18 essential amino acids. Together, these constituents speed up the metabolism of cells and consequently increases cell turnover. There is no definitive evidence to say that these elements are absorbed directly into your skin from your pillow overnight–however, of major importance is the fact that silk doesn’t draw moisture from your skin like cotton does. This valuable component prevents skin from becoming dehydrated overnight and ensures that the product you have applied is not absorbed into your pillow as opposed to your face.

Also, since silk provides a smoother surface to rest upon–your skin will not experience friction against your pillow as you toss and turn overnight. Instead your face can easily slide, allowing you to wake up in the morning crease free and gorgeous!

2. Hypoallergenic

Pure silk is naturally mildew resistant and won’t collect dust mites and allergens that would otherwise serve as potential irritation for your skin. Since silk is woven with little space in between threads there is no space for little critters to accumulate and sleep with your face at night time. Also, since silk is so smooth anything that rests upon it (that is unwelcome) will easily slide off.

3. Did I mention it’s great for your hair too?

No friction= No breakage! AND the proteins inherent in silk are nourishing to the hair follicles which actually serve as an anti-frizz agent. Hello morning–goodbye bedhead!

4. Regulates Temperature

Silk has the ability to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. How? Unlike other fibers, silk does not conduct heat or static electricity. This allows for heat to be retained during cold temperatures and heat to be released during warmer temperatures. So you can ALWAYS have a cool pillow to rest your face on and keep those pores closed!

Beauty Verdict:

The silk pillow I tried came from Cilque and I am in LOVE with it. There is some buzz around that internet that claims the heralded benefits of silk come form minimally supported evidence however, I decided to put it to the test myself.

After only the first night of sleeping on my silk pillow I noticed that my face looking more fresh in the morning–and one thing that doesn’t need any evidence is that no one likes to wake up with face creases! Especially when you age and your skin loses its elasticity it takes longer for your skin to bounce back–so why stress out your skin when you don’t have to?

Also, it’s SOFTNESS makes sleeping SO much more comfortable and just simply luxurious. It feels divine… not even Egyptian cotton can measure up to it in my opinion.

Moreover, my hair DOES in fact feel softer. It’s almost got this new-found shine in the morning instead of looking dehydrated and brittle. Do I use hair treatments? Well yes, always… but this is different.

Also, knowing that I’m not sharing my ever-refreshingly cool pillow with any bed-bugs is just….comforting.

I definitely recommend this fantastic line. They use 100% mulberry silk and there items are so chic and fashionable–who says you can’t bring fashion in the bedroom?  I’ve found a new meaning to Beauty Sleep and I don’t think it will be complete until I get my hands on the rest of this line!

What I’d love to try next is their eye mask. A must for me especially when traveling with my boyfriend–he INSISTS on keeping lights on when he sleeps *roll eyes*. 🙂

Has anyone else tried sleeping on silk? What do you think?



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  1. I don’t have a silk pillow but I made some pillowcases from some charmeuse slips and nightshirts I had. It’s poly charmeuse, though, not silk. Anyway I can tell you for sure I have had less hair breakage since I switched. It was really obvious after we went to visit and I forgot to take my pillow. Curly gals who wake up with wild and wooly hair REALLY have to at least give it a try.

    • Nice idea! Ya I think I need to get another pillowcase for travel or take this one with me–it just wouldn’t be the same without it!

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