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The Dermalogica Skin Treatment

dermalogica-facial Beauty isn’t just about pampering and luxury creams (although we love those too), it’s about skin health. This is what separates the Dermalogica line of skin care products from their competitors and also what makes them so effective. Common “beauty” ingredients like Mineral Oil, Lanolin, artificial colors and fragrances, and ‘fillers’ are used in countless product formulations, but the truth is, they’re very bad for your skin. Dermologica on the other hand, has prided themselves in creating only high-performance skin formulas without the…ahem “junk” found in other products which end up being counter-productive to skin health, causing irritation, redness, and breakouts.

What’s also nice about this line is that it’s very personalized to its user. They don’t use a one-size fits all mantra and take skin health very seriously–it was developed by the International Dermal Institute, after-all! Recently, I visited the Dermalogica Headquarters in Toronto for an individualized treatment and assessment which including face mapping, a customized facial, and product recommendations suited specifically to my current skin care needs.

Now being part of the beauty industry and even part of the health sector, I am often humbled (and even empowered) when I realize that I, in fact, don’t know everything about beauty, and quite honestly– the learning never stops. During this visit I was made aware of something especially important to my skin health which I never once expected.

My skin was not getting cleansed properly. Meaning–even AFTER my cleansing routine, there was still left-over makeup and environmental debris that wasn’t fully removed. Umm, not OK! As a result my pores were congested (this I knew) and over time, this is why I would experience the occasional (albeit consistent) breakout. I would normally have attributed this to hormonal or stressful times, however, since my visit and my altered cleansing routine–I have yet to have a problem!

The solution to my inadequate cleansing was that in fact, I needed both an oil-based cleanser (to lift and separate makeup and debris), followed by an exfoliative cleanser (to gently remove dead skin cells and finish off with a smooth, clean surface). To my surprise, even though I use a “mechanical cleanser” like a Clarisonic, this is different and for me, should be combined with a product exfoliation as well. Now everyone has a different skin type and therefore unique challenges–mine is that slightly oily Mediterranean skin type that requires a certain type of care.

Fueling my new-found excitement, I received these two life changing products: the “Dermalogica precleanse” and the “Dermalogica daily microexfoliant” shown below. So far I’m one happy camper (I actually literally went camping right after) and my skin has been clear ever since.

Before I go, I also found the face mapping aspect of my visit extremely helpful. Apparently breakouts in certain areas of your face can indicate different things. For example, breakouts along the chin represent digestive issues and on the forehead are generally indicative of stress. Moreover, I was told that I had slightly darker pigment on my forehead line which meant that I wasn’t placing my sunscreen high enough….heheh, who knew?

All in all, if you have the time, I would definitely recommend going through this helpful process! But if you don’t have time to get your face mapped by a Dermalogica professional, you can always use their unique online tool called “speed mapping” which asks you various questions in order to determine your optimal product prescription.

I hope this article was helpful!

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