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The Elements to Success

If you want to be successful in life there are few things to keep in mind. You are just like everyone else. You dream, you have the human desire to advance yourself, and you have the ability to attract what you want. Sure everyone grows up with different families, different environments, and various upbringings. Someone growing up in a rich neighbourhood as opposed to a poor one will have quite the different perspective and outlook. On top of that one would argue that they’ve had better opportunities and conditions to develop themselves. However, that may not be entirely true. The world is our playground and we can develop the tools we need to succeed under the most unexpected circumstances. Even more so, we are all equally capable. No matter what deck of cards we may have been dealt, we all have the power to take life by the reigns and manifest exactly what we want. That being said, here are a few simple steps that will direct you on your path towards success.

1. What is Success?

First, you must define what success means to you and what level of success you dream to achieve. Is success perpetual happiness, increased finances, achievement of various career goals, close family and friends, inner peace, or all of the above? However you define success, the simple action of defining it will lead you closer to attaining it. It will help you target your dream and constantly keep it within the grasp of your awareness. Also, there may be levels to your success as you may be constantly re-evaluating your position throughout life. The truth is life is dynamic and as you grow, so does your perspective and desires.

2. Focus & Drive

After defining your aspirations it is essential to maintain a clear focus and strong drive. Picture what it is that you want to accomplish and prevent yourself from getting sidetracked. Imagine a red target and an archer shooting with a bow and arrow, you are the archer and you are aiming for the target. If you look to your left or right then shoot, chances are you are going to miss it. However, if you stay focused on the target you will hit it, even if it’s not on the first try you will get there. In life there are many distractions and it may be easy to get discouraged, however, you must keep going and hold on to the faith that your dreams will unfold.

3. Be Prepared

‘Preparedness meets opportunity’–be proactive in gathering the qualities and skills necessary to take you where you need to go. Preparedness and opportunity go hand in hand as you cannot have one without the other. Therefore, as part of reaching your goal it is your responsibility to strive and work hard to get there. Create a practical list of aims that will lead you in the direction of your grand objective. Whether it be furthering your education, networking with industry professionals, learning a new skill, or making time for new experiences, each step will bring you closer.

4. Value

‘Put in more value than what you receive’– this is a universal truth that will heighten success in any area of your life. This means working your hardest no matter what your returns are because eventually the universe will reward your efforts. “If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got.” -Mark Twain. Don’t measure what you’re putting in to what you’re currently receiving because that will only bring you the same outcome, or it may even dwindle at your lack of motivation to do more. Do not think about the reward, instead keep focus on staying motivated and work harder, take time to come up with innovative ideas and give your all of your effort. In relation to family this would mean finding ways to spend more time together and thinking of thoughtful ways to make them feel special. In the work or career environment this means investing yourself to your greatest ability. Also, by not thinking about rewards you refrain from creating false expectations, leaving room for you to always be pleasantly surprised.

5. See & Feel

Mentally visualize and actually feel like you have already achieved your goal. Dress like you are a success, speak like you are, and confidently handle situations as a successful person would. To clarify, that doesn’t mean stepping over the boundaries of others–it means handling yourself with self-assurance, poise, and all the positive qualities attached to success. Every morning when you wake up take 10 minutes to mentally visualize yourself reaching your dream. By doing this you help orchestrate the manifestation of your own opportunities as well as prepare yourself for their arrival.

6. Physical Strength

This refers to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. If you are strong on the inside you will have increased energy and a clear mind which will make it easier for you to keep focused. This doesn’t mean you have to train for a marathon or become a body builder. It’s as easy as taking 20 minutes a day for some light cardio and making healthier meal choices. You will feel lighter, enjoy a positive mood, become more energized, and your capacity to think efficiently and creatively will noticeably increase. This will give you the concentration and focused attention that are essential in reaching your vision.

“Set your heart on being all you can be because anything is possible.” ~ Deepak Chopra

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