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Land of Egypt

By: Everything Beautiful

Born 5 thousand years ago was a great country and civilization that continues to fascinate the world with its ancient history, culture, artifacts, advanced intelligence, and sheer beauty. Located in the north-eastern part of Africa, it spans a vast 1,010,000 square kilometers and is home to a populous 79 million people. Divided by the Nile River and bounded by the Mediterranean and Red Sea, Egypt encompasses a rich landscape as well as the loveliness of the Sahara desert. The country’s ancient Egyptian name is Kemet which means “black land”, its significance coming from the fertile earth surrounding the Nile allowing for thriving agriculture. The desert on the other hand is referred to as “red land”, it’s inhabitants are sparse and the elements are harsh with winds creating sand dunes 100 meters in height. It once served as a protective barrier to the Kingdom of Pharaohs, guarding them from western perils.

Evolving longer than any other civilization for over 3 thousand years, Egyptians were the creators of many great inventions that are still used today. Inventors of writing to document their knowledge, they even produced the ink and paper, recording their thoughts in hieroglyphs.  As well, they invented the 365 day calendar and 24-hour day creating the standard definition of time as we know it. Their sophisticated ways of thinking even led them to be pioneers of holistic health practices. The believed illness must be treated by observing and caring for the whole person as opposed to only relying on readily observable symptoms. Thus, treatment involved mind, body, and spirit with the utilization of herbal remedies as well as spiritual healing.

Their innovations expanded to include the invention of irrigation systems, reservoirs, and the means to measure flood levels. They were even the first to create glass objects, cement, the process of curing and preserving meat, the implementation of wine cellars, as well as the art of painting on plaster. Seemingly masters on every front they created a diverse variety of household products including cosmetics as early as 5000 years ago. Although initially designed for sun protection it gained its prominence as luxury beauty items, for both men and women. Furthermore, Egypt holds its standing as the first country in the world to develop an organized, national government.

Not only famous for it’s beautiful land and ancient civilization, Egypt is home to a number of world’s famous monuments and ruins. The Giza pyramid complex is one of the world’s main tourist attraction and the only ancient wonder left standing.  Giza was built over 20 years in 2551 B.C. using 2.3 million limestone blocks for the purpose of housing the remains of the deceased Pharaohs that had ruled over Egypt. In ancient times Egyptians believed that the Pharaohs held aspects of godliness and were responsible for keeping their world in balance. The sun god Ra was worshiped daily by the Pharaoh to ensure that the sun would rise every morning. Other pieces from its ancient history include the Sphinx, countless sacred Temples, museums, as well as the ancient cities themselves which include Cairo (Egypt’s capital), Aswan, Luxor, and Alexandria (built by Alexander the Great).

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