Thursday , 19 April 2018
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The Monk who Sold his Ferrari

What a pleasure to read… I definitely place this novel as one of my top faves. This spiritual fable is a mixture of the fast paced and material rich lives many of us aspire to have along with a dose of true enlightened thinking. It begins with the story of a super-star lawyer whose dreams are as rich as the money they cultivated. As his funds increased his energy only dwindled as did his pleasure for life.  After a sudden heart attack in the middle of a courtroom his entire life would be completely transformed. Now artmed with complete conviction of the need to give up his former life, he sold all the worldly pleasures he worked so hard to attain and headed on a path of soul-searching.

This new eager soul traveled all the way to the Himalayas where he sought a group of enlightened monks called the Sages of Savana. He lived among them and learned all of their ancient beliefs and practices. The only favour he would need to return was the promise that he would share his new knowledge. The rest of this novel is the telling of this newfound wisdom. What makes it so beautiful is the ease in which the story is told and the simple truth it conveys. It is a refreshing read and each chapter will have you eager to live out its teachings. If you do, your life too will change!

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