Sunday , 18 March 2018
Beauty Tips

The Most Beautiful in the World…

Most Beautiful House in the World. Barcelona, Spain

Most Beautiful City in the World. Vancouver, Canada.

The most beautiful boy in the world held in Australia 2007. He is from Pakistan, 1 yr 9 months old.

The most beautiful girl in the world, held in France. She is from Morocco.

The most beautiful eyes in the world.

The most beautiful bridge in the world, Japan.

The most beautiful horse in the world.

The most beautiful plant in the world, shaped like a water pebble.

The most beautiful waterfall in the the world, Niagara Falls, in Canada and the U.S.

There is so much beauty all around us, it is up to us to stop and take a look.

What do you find beautiful?

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  1. the most beautiful eyes and my pics r same.she looks like me

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