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The Most Daring Designer Shoe Collections for Summer 2011

There are two areas of a woman’s appearance that can really showcase her individuality; her hair, and her shoes. No matter what she’s wearing, her choice of shoes can instantly change the entire concept of an outfit. A little black dress with matching black heels looks chic and sophisticated, whilst adding a pop of neon stiletto will show a youthful and fun side. Even slobby standard jeans and t-shirt can be utterly glammed up with the addition of some bondage heels, or feminised with some pretty ballet pumps.

As a dedicated follower of fashion it can be easy to feel your identity slowly slipping away as many other girls on the high street accessorise and dress in a similar manner; however one can easily add a dash of individuality and couture sensibilities by looking out for the following daring designer shoe collections for Spring/Summer 2011.

Charlotte Olympia – Blame it on Rio

Cork and wooden is a recurring trend for Spring/Summer shoes, and although you can find a lot of this type on the high street it may be slightly more difficult to find an imitation of the collectors piece ‘Bananas is my Business’ by Charlotte Olympia; part of her ‘Blame it on Rio’ collection. The tottering wooden heels are adorned with a hand stitched fruity motif. These shoes certainly demand attention; avoid looking too garish by teaming them with a classic block colour.

Christian Louboutin — Daffodil

When talking about shoes, Louboutin is the byword for understated glam (all topped off with a signature red sole). However, even classic designers sometimes push the boat out; and SS11’s ‘Daffodil’ range certainly is daring. Coming in a variety of colours (including zebra print) and adding six inches of height, these are shoes that ladies with short boyfriends should avoid. Even ladies with tall boyfriends should perhaps think twice. Victoria Beckham wore a pair to the Royal Wedding, and Beyonce has also been spotted tottering around on them, showing that these are certainly a great choice for divas that want to stand out.

Alexander McQueen – Butterfly Shoes

Of course, no blog post about daring designer shoe collections should leave out McQueen. After the untimely death of founder and namesake Lee McQueen (may he rest in peace) the fashion house has gladly continued churning out gorgeously unique pieces of couture under his successor Sarah Burton; even designing Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.

This season’s shoe collection does not disappoint. The butterfly shoes have a gorgeous ethereal quality; like something a fairy princess would wear. With a sole and heels designed to look like leaves, and a butterfly perching on the toes, these shoes look more like fancy ornaments than footwear.

Balenciaga – Sandals

The problem with being daring is that sometimes you can get it wrong. So very wrong. Unfortunately, this is what has happened to Spanish design house Balenciaga with a frankly hideous collection of sandals. In a range of garish colours, the shoes look like what would happen if your boyfriend’s football boots had a love-child with your favourite dancing shoes. However fashion is subjective, and although they may not be to everyone’s tastes they would certainly add an individualistic flair to any outfit.


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  1. I have to give it to those girls: the twins are truly taking full advantage of their lifetime (albeit two short ones so far) of sartorial obsession and doing what few young entrepreneurs can: turning it into a substantial collection the fashion world (and the fashion elite) are having to reckon with. They did well with worn-in tees, leather pants, and casual gowns, but who could have expected they would knock it out of the park with their bags?
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  2. Karren Doncillo

    Hi! I need to know how much is Christian Louboutin — Daffodil (white) and where can I buy it? I badly want it!

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    Hi! I can’t find it there. Here’s what I want:

    I hope you can help me find it. Thank you 🙂

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    Oh sorry, the right name is Alexander McQueen – Butterfly Shoes. Please help me find it. Thanks 🙂

  5. Karren Doncillo

    Oh 🙁 That one is nice too however, I’ll be having a butterfly theme for my wedding. Anyway, big thanks for your help 🙂

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