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A Brief Introduction

The rising field of naturopathic medicine is met with both curiosity and scepticism. In the West we have relied heavily upon conventional medical practice and its dependence on pharmaceuticals. Patients are accustomed to entering their physician’s office, relaying their current symptoms within a limited time frame, and sent off with a prescription. Naturopathy however, claims that the body is already equipped with the tools to heal itself. Any sign of sickness is the body’s way of saying balance needs to be restored in order to ensure proper functioning. In absence of balance and an ignorance of warning symptoms, the body will submit to disease.
Naturopathic medicine acknowledges that every illness is the result of a process and a number of lifestyle factors. Areas like diet and nutrition, levels of stress, genetic predispositions (the higher likelihood of acquiring an illness that runs in the family), and exercise all combine over time to affect an individual’s health and well-being. Taking all of these elements into consideration, naturopathy takes on a holistic approach to medicine, carefully examining all possible causes to a person’s disease or imbalance. Objective symptoms are still important however, daily life conditions are just as imperative. Only then can an effective remedy be prescribed. That being said, the cure may not even lie with drugs as we are so habitually accept.

The purpose of this brief composition is not to call out and deny that medical breakthroughs have occurred and lives can be substantially improved with the aid of medicine. In 1928 the discovery of Penicillin by Alexander Flemming provided the first effective treatment to bacterial diseases such as Syphilis, that being a serious condition at the time was suddenly manageable. Rather, this is to call attention to the drastic overuse and misuse of these seemingly regarded miracle tablets. Stemming from their excessive prescription to the failure of patients in properly following their instruction, entire waves of people are not getting the proper treatment their body requires. Instead the overuse of antibiotic drugs has created resistant bacteria among populations overtime, therefore rendering the drug useless among those affected.
In light of a growing body of evidence supporting natural cures, naturopathic medicine has become an increasingly sought out alternative to conventional medical remedies. It is a modality that includes a range of therapies including but not limited to, botanical medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, diet and nutrition, hydrotherapy, and lifestyle counselling. Founded 2400 years ago by the Greek Physician Hippocrates, naturopathic medicine was created based on the core principle that nature contains its own healing powers. With this central tenet in mind, high tech machinery and expensive treatments are becoming less appealing. Instead, the knowledge from the past is resurfacing to provide a more appealing and effective substitute.

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